Friday, August 28, 2009

Lifetime Member at Weight Watchers!

Whoohoo! Today is a milestone: Lifetime with Weight Watchers as of 8/28/09!
Ok - for those of you who don't know what all that lingo means - here you go:
1. Mom doesn't have to pay anymore! My Mom has graciously been paying for this (39$/mth) since April 2008. So, now, as long as I don't go 2 lbs over my goal weight - I stay free for life!
2. Lifetime means I have met my chosen goal and maintained it for 6 weeks - without going 2 lbs over. I have lost over 4+ beyond my goal weight.
3. I still want to lose another 10%. I don't know if that is attainable for me, but I will try it nonetheless.
4. Weight Watchers is good on a number of levels:
a. I think it is the best weight loss company out there.
b. There are no X foods. Most weight loss companies limit you on your food or make you eat their foords or say you can't have this or that. Not with WW. WW is all about choices, being smart in how you eat, accountability with meetings/weighing in, and exercising. Simple isn't it!
5. I also bring in the spiritual aspect into my eating. Eating is not comfort. Eating will not make me feel better. Eating too much is a sin. My body is not my own.
6. Encouragement and accountability is so important. I have many friends who have gotten a text from me every week for the past 16 months saying how much I had lost or gained. They are faithful in encouraging me - even when I gained. Some know the way I feel about myself, some know more details than they probably want to know. But - these are great friends!
7. Just because I have lost this weight (again) doesn't mean that I will automatically get married or get the dream ministry job. This is what I have thought in the past. That when I lose this weight and am thinner - than someone will like me - because all the pretty thin girls get married. God has definitely shown me the error of that thinking. But, I still need to be pleasing to God in how I take care of my body.
8. I really love fashion a lot more (but not the high prices) when I weigh less. So, I take better care of how I look, how I present myself to the outside world, office at work, etc.
9. This isn't easy - but it is about choices.
10. And you know - I still love food. I still love cooking for people and baking and everything. But, I also give food away more, learn self control (gift of the Holy Spirit, thank you), exercise more, drink more water, and make wise(r) choices!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kings Island Diamondback 5k

Well, let's see.....
1. Not my best run - somewhere between 36.5-38.5 but the exact results aren't up yet. We'll see and I'll post updates on here.
2. Most disorganized race I've been to. Granted it was the first one, but computers weren't working, you had to go through 2 check out lines (that means standing in really long lines twice), ran out of 5k medals, were giving folks the 10k ones, no plain water after race, luke warm Vitamin water to drink, no bagels, bananas, etc. 1 hour after race had some granola bars, ran out of t-shirts, started 30 minutes late, ran out of water at aid stations along race course, had almost 90 minutes of down time from end of race till the park opened.
3. I did good stretching before hand because I wasn't sore after race.
4. It was HOT and HUMID that day - everyone was just drenched in sweat!
5. After about 3 hours after race...I had only drank 12 oz of water (that I bought before b/c there was no plain water) and then with the mid-90s temperature, and the roller coasters - I was sick! Finally after laying down on a bench for about 45 minutes, I was better, got some water in me, then finally ate something about 3pm.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bob's Weight Loss Yoga

Thanks to my wonderful long lost friend, Tasya - this is now going to be a well-used DVD in my apt.
I got home from a long hiking and driving weekend last night. Still wanted to do something to stretch out my muscles before heading into a short work week followed by more LONG drives. Popped in this DVD.
I was sweating in the first 5 minutes. It is a 6 week program, so I'm in weeks 1-2. Bob used sarcasm and encouragement to prod me along in this 30 minute warm up and yoga workout. My upper arms and quads were wobbly a good hour after I finished.
This is super! :)