Friday, January 29, 2010

Crud and Weight

Well, folks, over a week later and I still have crud. That's about how I describe it and how I feel. Life must go on though. I am going to the clinic on campus today after speaking with my friend, the nurse, this morning.
I've been doing yoga all week in my house. That has been good. 2 days I only did 20 minutes, 2 days I did the whole 45. Feel much stronger and lean after doing a full yoga session!
And...I have finally lost all the holiday and birthday weight! Now, I can concentrate on losing the last 5-10% I have to go!
Keep up all the New Year's resolutions everyone!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Workouts while sick?

I am sick. I hate being sick. The whole body hurts, sore throats, ears. Life must go on right?

So, I had finally gotten back into a track interval/yoga workouts and then this. But, it just hurts to do anything - mainly keeping my head up!

So, what do you do when you are feeling sick?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Interval Incline Treadmill Workout

Are you one of those people who despise the treadmill like me? Are you looking for new ways to put your coat hanger (you know, that at-home treadmill) to use? Are you wanting to improve your leg strength? Are you wanting to change up your routine? Did it snow outside this week at your house (or just is too cold) so you can't run outside?
If any of these questions you can answer yes to, then this blog post is for you.
It snowed here 4 inches yesterday, the indoor track at the gym is about 85 degrees (can't run in that), and I hate treadmills. This is why I love reading other peoples' blogs!
CarrotsNCake posted a 24- minute treadmill workout on her blog yesterday, just as I was getting off my second job, so I jotted it down and it helped me plow through a treadmill workout. I lengthened it and made it my own at either end - but this is a great one:

Minutes Speed Incline
2 3.0 (warmup) 0
3 4.9 0
3 4.7 1
3 4.5 1.5
3 4.3 2
3 4.2 2.5
3 4.1 3
3 4.0 3.5
3 3.9 4.0
3 3.8 4.5
1 3.5 (cool down) 2.0

The reason this is great:
gets your heart rate up and keeps it there
kills your legs (shins, calves, quads, and hammies) - and your butt
doesn't make 30 minutes on the treadmill boring
just over 2 miles

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Goals

People have asked me how I can keep up with 3 blogs. I would love to make one website with all of them like hers, but blogger is free and i will do this for the time being. Maybe I can work on investigating hosting my own website this year?
This has been a great year. I've done a lot of things. I ran my first 5k in March of 2009. I also ran more 5k, a 10k, a half marathon. I biked, swam, ran, walked, did a lot of yoga, jillian's 30 day shred, bob's yoga for weight loss, and many other things. I am pleased with how 2009 ended - being my lowest weight and losing the most weight that I remember. But, that doesn't mean i can stop...I must keep going. Here are my 2010 goals for the health issues in my life:
1. Run 2 5ks. I will run one of them in Louisville in March. I want to beat my 35.49 time of my last 5k this past Thanksgiving. I will choose one more to run. Why aren't I running more? That comes into money - see my goal on my Thoughts blog for more on that.
2. I want to run 2 Half Marathons. I really liked the half I ran last year in Louisville and it was quite challenging. I am thinking about these three (choosing 2 of them): Downhill at Dawn in June at Ridgecrest, VA Beach Half in September, and the Raleigh City of Oaks Half in November. Any training partner out there? Anyone wanna run one or both of them with me?
3. Keep researching. I love reading about health and nutrition. I want to post one thing a week about something I've read - whether in a magazine or a book or on a blog. This will keep me learning.
4. I want to lose another 5-10%. Most people don't think I need to lose more, but I see myself naked (TMI) and I know I need to lose some more. And then maintain that forever!
5. Yoga/Pilates. This will help with stretching and being more flexible. Some folks have a problem with me doing yoga as a Believer. But, i see no problem with it. God made our bodies. When I am doing programs that call for "listening to your bodies" I quote Scripture or pray. I did a 20 minute session this morning and definitely felt stronger and better after it. I want to start my days doing this - to help wake up! My goal is to do 5 sessions a week. Any cool downloads out there that are free - I did yoga download dot com this morning and that was pretty good.
6. Toning. I love being stronger - and my jeans and skirts fit better. I want to keep doing this. Whether it is doing Jillian more, or bootcamp, or hitting the gym some at the beginning of the year, and I know running and yoga/pilates will help with that. I want stronger arms, core, and legs.

So, in three things: running, yoga/pilates, toning. Plain and simple. At least I can't gain, right! :)