Friday, September 25, 2009

Runners World: "Running and Glutton" by David Willey

There are certain words that grab my attention right now. Two of those are running and gluttony. I only took up running in January. I got a subscription to Runner's World, signed up for races, and put runs in my calendar for the week. I also learned that you must keep running to keep being good at it. I now don't run that much - I love variety in my work outs. But, I just signed up for a 5k in my hometown over Thanksgiving so I need to get working at it again (can't let my Dad beat me!) The other one is gluttony. I'm writing some things on this, so the key word is there again. As a believer in Christ - I think any time a "sin" word comes up in conversation or writing - it catches my attention, helps me be on guard.
I sat down to read this month's Runner's World and the Editor's Letter was titled: Running and Gluttony. I immediately tore it out, read it, and am now blogging on it. I usually like what David Willey has to say, and he looks like a young Rob Lowe - so how can he be bad. I didn't disagree with everything - here are some points:
1. Quoting the PC guy (the dude on the computer commercials, John Hodgman): "The problem with nutritionists is that they only care about nutrients." I hate it when people think the healthy food has to be yucky tasting. One of my friends recently wrote on her facebook status something to the effect of - 'gotta get back on my diet, goodbye all the good tasting foods'. I definitely have to disagree. I think a lot of healthy things are very good tasting as well. I love to cook. And nutrients are good for you. Green beans fresh from the field have more nutrients and taste better than canned ones that have been sitting on a shelf for 2 years. If we want to be a healthier America, and healthier individuals, we must change our attitude and stop thinking of healthy as gross or handcuffed just out of reach of yummy morsels. And nutrients propel you to do better running, have better PRs, finish higher in races, etc.
2. "One of my favorite things about being a runner is the freedom to eat both halves of a Dagwood-sized corned-beef Reuben or to say, 'Sure, I'll have another beer' without a moment's hesitation or a trace of regret." Two things wrong with this statement. Do we need to eat both halves of the sandwich - or is one plenty serving and will fill us up? 2. We shouldn't use exercise as a motivation just to eat more. A person related to me once said this about someone else: he exercises because he likes to eat more. How screwed up a view of our bodies is that? Yes, I fail in this many times - eating more because I know I'm going to do a Jillian Michael's DVD later and will need fuel and will work it off. Your body does need more fuel if you are going to go run 26.2 miles. But, we use this excuse way too often - and our bodies are usually unhealthier because of it.
3. "The key to indulgence, as any nutritionist will tell you, is moderation." Yes, I agree. But then are we relegating indulgence just to a type of food and not to the amount of food. I see them as both and.
4. (In light of a burger topped with peanut butter and bacon) "What was decidedly bad was my six-miler along the Charles (River) the next morning. I felt...well, like you'd expect to feel after fueling up on three flavors of fat (with a side of fries)." Then why do it - they all went back later and had more. I know how horrible I feel if I eat too much. But, does that stop me from doing it the next time - not usually. There are commercials with digestion help tablets that joke about how much American's eat for Thanksgiving or Super Bowl or other heavy-feasting days. Why do we do it? We feel horrible. I ate late one night before a race - I could tell it in my running the next morning.
5. "The next days' run was even worse (after eating more PBB). I actually felt remorse. But, I'll probably have another PB&B burger in April. Not just because its delicious but because it offers something by the book nutrients often lack: fun." There's something healthy about that, too." Oh, from the Christian stand point.... Sin is fun. Indulging in things that aren't good for us may be fun - yet we are like dogs returning to vomit - creatures of habit. I don't want to chained to bad food anymore - or good food for that matter. I want to make healthier choices for many reasons: Obedience to God, it makes me feel better, it fuels my body better, and it tastes so good! And you know what - I can have a small cheeseburger on occasion - but I NEVER need a whole Royal Red Robin Burger ever again.
Thanks David Willey for offering me food for thought and fuel for my run.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Wow - its been a while!
Well - here is an update:
1. I am working on some writing on subjects re: health, weight, etc.
2. I am in process to hopefully being employed p/t with Weight Watchers.
3. I finished Bob's 6 week Yoga for Weight Loss - amazing (but my wrists started hurting from doing all those downward dogs and planks).
4. I start Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred today. Since it is only 20 minutes I'll team it with Seneca or other walking on most days.
5. I didn't run the Gaslight 5k - just way too busy.
6. My next 5k is in Lakeland, FL the Saturday after Thanksgiving - around Christina Park/Lake. Should be great.
7. i'm doing walking, sprinting intervals around a 1.2 mile loop. Usually do it twice.
8. I hit my college graduation weight today. That is exciting. Now only one previous goal to go - then on past that to new unreached goals!
9. I love encouraging others with this topic!
10. I love being encouraged on this topic by others - and their successes!