Thursday, September 24, 2009


Wow - its been a while!
Well - here is an update:
1. I am working on some writing on subjects re: health, weight, etc.
2. I am in process to hopefully being employed p/t with Weight Watchers.
3. I finished Bob's 6 week Yoga for Weight Loss - amazing (but my wrists started hurting from doing all those downward dogs and planks).
4. I start Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred today. Since it is only 20 minutes I'll team it with Seneca or other walking on most days.
5. I didn't run the Gaslight 5k - just way too busy.
6. My next 5k is in Lakeland, FL the Saturday after Thanksgiving - around Christina Park/Lake. Should be great.
7. i'm doing walking, sprinting intervals around a 1.2 mile loop. Usually do it twice.
8. I hit my college graduation weight today. That is exciting. Now only one previous goal to go - then on past that to new unreached goals!
9. I love encouraging others with this topic!
10. I love being encouraged on this topic by others - and their successes!

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