Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christina 5k = PR

Whoohoo! :)
The weather started out a little chilly this morning: 46 degrees when I left the house to head to the other end of town to start a 5k. The weather started to warm up and was maybe mid 50s by race time.
There were about 160 people running the 25th annual Christina 5k in South Lakeland. I saw some fmr school mates (soccer and cross country stars) from my time at Lakeland Christian. That was fun. They definitely still beat me.
I gotta keep running. I started out in the back and just minded my own business, noticing some people passing me, then I would pass them. No big deal. I like running with not many people around me.
First mile: 11.40
Second mile split: 23.20
I looked at my phone sometime in between there and thought I was on aim for about a 38 pace, I was a little bummed. Then, I could hear the cheers from way ahead and new the 3 mile marker had to be up there around the next bend.
When I could see the finish time clock, I got excited and sprinted the last to make it under 36 minutes.
My last PR was 37.38 I think. This time it was 35.49. I will take it. Next race (maybe the anthem in March, but may squeeze in another one) I want it under 36 minutes.
The LRC people were really nice and it was organized. There were no bibs - which is disappointing because I have a bib from each race. But, they had yummy FL oranges!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Healthy Thoughts and Readings.

Wow - I've been thinking a lot lately on what I put in my mouth. It started this weekend with som yummy eats that weren't necessarily "healthy" = low fat, low calorie, etc, but it was totally fresh food with many good things for me and my body (and my mental health and physical activity). Also, I was reading a magazine this morning on the plane from my local health food store in the Ville - Rainbow Blossom. Very interesting articles and I learn every time I read from different sources. I am also wanting to take nutrition/health classes just to learn more and be more educated about what I put in my body. God made my body for a reason (for His glory) and I want to take care of it the best I can.
So, here are some things that I am learning:
1. I do not run well (running, as in physical activity) after eating protein. I've tried it a couple of times (like an egg white omelette on greens) and I just am not propelled as I am when I eat carbs before running.
2. I want to eat as much "natural" stuff as possible. I think I am growing fond of being a locavore when it comes to fresh ingredients. Not necessarily all local ingredients, but definitely all fresh ingredients. I would love to live in a place where I could just go to a daily farmers market and pick out my stuff for the day.
3. I like to eat/graze every 2-3 hours. I don't get starved, I don't get stressed. Now, I just need to eat less when I do and continue to make healthy choices (like homemade hummus and carrots, or carrots and mustard, or a small whole grain homemade oats muffin- yum, fruit, etc).
4. Vitamin K helps with slowing the aging process - and other good things for us. Now, I do take a multi-vitamin (a chewable so I don't have to swallow a horse pill), but I want to get my vitamins naturally - from a whole source. So, a good source of Vitamin K (because as I age I definitely want to look younger) is leafy green veggies and oils like canola and olive. Also, you can find some in meats and fermented foods like cheese and natto (fermented soy beans, a Japanese meal usually served for breakfast). May have to try that - round out my world travels for breakfast (I've been eating a very meditteranean breakfast of couscous and yogurt).
5. Spices help with e-coli - cleaning and the whatnot. Cloves are particularly helpful (and most everyone has that in their kitchen right now), and essential oils do as well.
6. Ah, sugar or natural sweeteners. I am a fan of sugar. I do use honey and maple syrup and different fruits, but I don't use fake sugar. Will i try these new natural sugars? Who knows? I am under the opinion that I would rather go with normal stuff and eat less of it (what I bake) then eat more chemicals when I eat a larger portion of the stuff made with fake stuff. Now with natural sugars - like Agave, I just haven't tried it. anyone have suggestions?
7. Green tea is so good for you. I think the benefits of it are much better than coffee. I have a ton of teas at my house - I just need to use them more. Usually my mornings are not stress free, so I don't have time to sit down to a slow cuppa - maybe in the future.
8. Did you know that prunes are a super super food? I have some in my pantry right now. I need to start eating them. More potassium than a banana. low GI numbers, high in fiber and ranked in the top for its antioxidant powers (and you know how everyone is all about that right now).
9. My chiropractor - whom I get to see today - tells me "if you stop moving, you die." I like that. I just want to be more active, always doing things, not just sitting and letting my body rot or waste away. I want to be healthy from the inside out. I want to eat off the land that God has given me and us. That means I don't eat a lot at fast food places anymore - and if I do, I get salads. Ah, the joys and complexities of wanting to eat healthier and be healthier.
10. How does this work when I bake all the time? I usually am not baking for me. I taste a bit of it - then I give it away. I love to bake and use usually full fat full calorie ingredients when I do. If I eat it, I eat a small portion of it. But, I have learned that indulgences can be allowed - just not every day!

Ok - those are some of my thoughts for now. Have a great day. Be God's today - body, mind, soul.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Now thoughts...

Just wanted to post a few thoughts tonight:
1. I've been training again - run.intervaling.jogging.speed walking 2.4 - 3.6 miles most days of the week in order to get ready for a 5k in Lakeland after Thanksgiving. It is making me hungry. It is also making my legs stronger. And it is making me see how far I've come. I can do 2.4 - anyway I went - in 29-30 minutes. That is right on tap for a 36 minute 5k.
2. I already feel like I'm losing some of the toning from Jillian. I know that's crazy. My last day was Sunday, I did level 2 tonight. I've done kettlebells each night since. Probably just some water retention.
3. Comfort eating. Some people eat when they are sad - I eat when I want to be warm or comforted. Today - it was warm. I had been cold most of the afternoon so when I got home from work I just wanted food. So I had a little bit of everything it seemed. Why - no reason. No rational. I just kept rationalizing it for every reason under the sun. But, finally - I just stopped, prayed that I would quit eating, there was no reason, this was wrong. Thankful to the Holy Spirit for the cravings of comfort food to stop - immediately. Thank you promised Holy Spirit.
4. Sin is never ending. Just when I think I've got it beat - I don't. Pride comes before a fall.
5. Tomorrow is my November weigh in. I should have lost some more from October, but definitely not as much. It is slowing down. But that is ok. It is still going down. With traveling every weekend this month, Thanksgiving, eating out, and also good amount of working out - I don't know what December's weight is going to be.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred - Afterward

Oh, Jillian Michaels - how I love you - no wait, how I hate you, wait...wait...wait...
I finally finished my Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred yesterday. It has been a little over a month journey. I started on September 26, and I skipped a few days.
Here are my thoughts:
1. I really like her "you gotta work" attitude. She's not a softy - and I need that. She wasn't harsh - just persuasive.
2. It gets a little boring. 4 days into Level 2 (where I started) I had it memorized. Even the little quippy lines she uses.
3. You can make it your own. I ended up rotating the 3 levels on and off so I wouldn't get bored more than I already was.
4. To make up for the boredom factor - this totally killed my abs and shoulders. I was sweating in each session and my shoulders have definition! Finally.
5. I can't do this in the morning. I tried to do it one Saturday morning before traveling. Wasn't cutting it - stopped it in the first 3 minutes. I can do cardio in the morning, but not strength training.
6. Its only 20 minutes. I love that. Many times when I was tired, or my shoulders were weak, I had to tell myself - only 6 more minutes, then only 6 more minutes. I can do this. Its a mind game (just like running).
7. On the DVD - you can't skip the intro. Every time you have to watch it because it won't let you fast forward, or skip on the DVD. That was a bummer. But, by midway through I just pressed play and went and did something else before the actual workout started. Way to multitask.
8. Plyo jumps. I can't do those because I live on the second floor or a hardwood floor apt building. I didn't want to annoy my downstairs neighbor too much. So, I just rotated some of the harder plyo moves for other exercises from previous sessions. It was fine.
9. I love the 2 levels - you could work really hard one, then switch and follow the other girl. It was great because many people will come into this with different abilities.
10. What has happened in the last month: definition in my shoulders, some abs starting to show, finally in a size 6 jean, down in the 140s for the first time since 2000!
11. What I would still like to happen: strengthen inner and outer thighs, chest, lats, abs, and triceps, and butt. While keeping everything toned and more toned. And lose 9 more lbs. So - this is what I'm thinking - this is a lifelong pursuit. This doesn't just happen in 30 days and then its over.
12. Next: Continued training for the Christina 5k in Lakeland in November. Kettlebells. And mixing in some jillian randomly through the week.
13. Does anyone have a good leg workout DVD, butt. Or does anyone have good weight room exercises for chest besides your basic chest fly.

Thanks. And I'll be glad to answer anything on Jillian.