Monday, November 2, 2009

Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred - Afterward

Oh, Jillian Michaels - how I love you - no wait, how I hate you, wait...wait...wait...
I finally finished my Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred yesterday. It has been a little over a month journey. I started on September 26, and I skipped a few days.
Here are my thoughts:
1. I really like her "you gotta work" attitude. She's not a softy - and I need that. She wasn't harsh - just persuasive.
2. It gets a little boring. 4 days into Level 2 (where I started) I had it memorized. Even the little quippy lines she uses.
3. You can make it your own. I ended up rotating the 3 levels on and off so I wouldn't get bored more than I already was.
4. To make up for the boredom factor - this totally killed my abs and shoulders. I was sweating in each session and my shoulders have definition! Finally.
5. I can't do this in the morning. I tried to do it one Saturday morning before traveling. Wasn't cutting it - stopped it in the first 3 minutes. I can do cardio in the morning, but not strength training.
6. Its only 20 minutes. I love that. Many times when I was tired, or my shoulders were weak, I had to tell myself - only 6 more minutes, then only 6 more minutes. I can do this. Its a mind game (just like running).
7. On the DVD - you can't skip the intro. Every time you have to watch it because it won't let you fast forward, or skip on the DVD. That was a bummer. But, by midway through I just pressed play and went and did something else before the actual workout started. Way to multitask.
8. Plyo jumps. I can't do those because I live on the second floor or a hardwood floor apt building. I didn't want to annoy my downstairs neighbor too much. So, I just rotated some of the harder plyo moves for other exercises from previous sessions. It was fine.
9. I love the 2 levels - you could work really hard one, then switch and follow the other girl. It was great because many people will come into this with different abilities.
10. What has happened in the last month: definition in my shoulders, some abs starting to show, finally in a size 6 jean, down in the 140s for the first time since 2000!
11. What I would still like to happen: strengthen inner and outer thighs, chest, lats, abs, and triceps, and butt. While keeping everything toned and more toned. And lose 9 more lbs. So - this is what I'm thinking - this is a lifelong pursuit. This doesn't just happen in 30 days and then its over.
12. Next: Continued training for the Christina 5k in Lakeland in November. Kettlebells. And mixing in some jillian randomly through the week.
13. Does anyone have a good leg workout DVD, butt. Or does anyone have good weight room exercises for chest besides your basic chest fly.

Thanks. And I'll be glad to answer anything on Jillian.

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  1. I just bought this DVD and it killed me on the first day (I haven't worked out in quite a while though so I am a total wimp)!! I enjoyed your thoughts and am looking forward to pushing ahead and seeing some results. Also I use a Winsor Pilates DVD that I enjoy that is good for your legs and bottom ( It is quick, but I do think it does a good job of toning.