Monday, December 14, 2009

Tips on Achieving Goals

New milestone today! Here is what I hit and some of the journey it took for me to get there (as people are asking)
*********I have now lost over 60 lbs. The most I had lost was 60, so to make over 60 is great!*********As of this morning, I am the lowest I've been since I can ever remember weighing! Honestly, I know I weighed more in 6th grade than I do this morning! I was very excited. What a great way to start a Monday morning.

Tips: (the above pictures were taken about 15 pounds under my highest weight back in May of 2003 and the other one was taken this past Thanksgiving about 3 lbs ago.)
1. Realize why you are eating. For me, when I overeat, it is usually more of a compensation or a comfort, or stress eating. Like today, I wasn't hungry this afternoon, and its not even cold, but due to some stressful things, I went and made myself a mocha. It was free - why not? I threw half of it away. I didn't need it.
2. Don't eat food just because its free. When you live on a seminary-staff budget, you always want to eat the free food. Don't! Most of it isn't good for you (baked treats, pizza, chikfila chicken sandwiches, chips, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, fried stuff). Just say no. Or, when I have to eat the Chikfila lunches - I eat the chicken, take off the bread, and then when I get back to my office I eat some fruit or veggies that I brought to work.
3. Exercise. I love exercising. I feel lazy when I don't. God made our bodies to move. We are not being good stewards of our bodies if we just sit on the couch all day - or the office chair - or watch tv all day when we are physically able to get up and move (if we are).
4. Eat healthy stuff. I'm not saying you have to go to Whole Foods all the time or buy all organic. I don't. I mean - stick to veggies, fruits (not fried okra), greens, eat lots of salads with healthy proteins, legumes, chicken (not fried or smothered in bacon, cheese, and cream), lean beef. These are good. Now does that mean you can't have the occasional burger? No! God made all food for our enjoyment for our good. That means - we can enjoy a burger from Red Robin (for my bday coming up in 3 weeks) and it will give me nourishment - but not a Red Robin burger every day. All in moderation.
5. You have to be willing and able to take a little smack. Meaning - people are going to ask you why you don't eat all the junk at the holiday parties or at family get togethers. You have to know your answer. I fill my plate with good and healthy things - not the carbs and fatty stuff like I used to. I bypass the bacon topped mac and cheese. Not because I don't like it anymore - it is such amazing food - but I just didn't need it. You'll have to learn to deal with it. Many people ask me "why aren't you eating". Sometimes I'll say, I've already eaten, or I'm not hungry. Most of the time that is true. You don't have to say - there really isn't anything healthy here to eat. Don't be rude about it.
6. Drink plenty of water. Don't typically drink your calories. Lately I've been having hot chocolate or a mocha (80 calories) at work - I can deal with that. But, some people drink 100 calories a day - between Bux and non-diet drinks. Drink water, unsweet tea - these are good for you.
7. Make goals for yourself! Someone asked me today what my new goals would be. I said I still had a little more to lose - she couldn't believe it. Make healthy, attainable goals - and reward yourself (even with a jump in the bathroom when you step on the scale and a cheer) when you make it. You don't have to eat your reward and you don't have to spend a lot of money on your reward.
8. One saying that I really like right now is: "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels". Now, I'll never be thin - but you get the moral of the story.
9. One Scripture thought I like - everything is fleeting, there is nothing new under the sun. Meaning - I don't need to stuff myself with food just because I can - that is sin. There will be food tomorrow. God made it all and I need to trust Him. He is MORE THAN ENOUGH for me.

I hope these things help!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How to Survive the Holidays

Note, I didn't put how to survive Christmas - because holiday means any holiday - and I think it applies to everything. But, especially during the holiday season that falls in November through the middle of January for me - because birthday and football season ending is party of the holiday season :)
I have stayed the same weight so far - which is better than I normally do during these three months of the year. I was thinking of some tips that I could share - here they are. I hope these help:
1. Eat before you go to a party. Never go to a party hungry because you will be more tempted to eat anything and everything in sight.
2. See if there is any fruit or veggies there (and a light dip, like hummus or salsa, not ranch or cream based dips). Most people will now will bring that. Fill your plate up with those - and then you won't have room for the sweet or fried stuff.
3. Always have a glass of water in your hand. Or a diet drink. If you are a drinker - pick one light drink for the night and stick with that. If I have water in my hand I again have less hands to hold a plate.
4. Don't hover around the snack table. Move conversations away from the main table of food. Then you won't be tempted to reach to the yummy stuff.
5. Take pictures. Bring your camera and snap photos of the festivities. If you are snapping pictures, you are probably going to be moving around and you'll have your hands full with the camera and not with a plate.
6. Eat a fun holiday treat. Don't eat something that you can eat year round. If you are going to eat something decadent, make sure that it is something that is special to that time of year. Like candy cane fudge instead oreos. Eggnog cheesecake instead of chocolate cake. That way, if you have it only once a year, it will make you more appreciative of it - and you may be less likely to eat such a big piece!
7. Always exercise. Parties are a huge time filler. You have to get ready, go somewhere, hang out for just the right amount of time, and come home, unwind, etc. I find even going to the gym to run 30 minutes takes a lot of stress away, burns about 200 calories, and lets me breathe and think about something else besides the stress of everyday life this time of year.
8. If you get a chance to bring something to a party, make something healthy. That way you know you'll have something you can eat and not feel guilty about. Healthy doesn't have to be raw veggies. Last night I brought multigrain wheat thins and roasted red pepper hummus. Yum.
9. Drink plenty of water during the day. That way if you do eat more, you'll still be flushing your system, and you won't retain all that water. Between stress, too much eating, not enough exercising, your clothes may feel tighter just because you are retaining water.
10. Remember, this too shall pass and life is fleeting anyway. You can take that either way you want. You can a) know that life is fleeting and eat everything you want and eat drink and be merry or b) you can realize that there will be another party, you don't have to stuff yourself tonight, and that is that extra oreo or handful of chex mix going to make your life so much better?

Enjoy. Do you have any holiday eating/exercising/staying healthy tips?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christina 5k = PR

Whoohoo! :)
The weather started out a little chilly this morning: 46 degrees when I left the house to head to the other end of town to start a 5k. The weather started to warm up and was maybe mid 50s by race time.
There were about 160 people running the 25th annual Christina 5k in South Lakeland. I saw some fmr school mates (soccer and cross country stars) from my time at Lakeland Christian. That was fun. They definitely still beat me.
I gotta keep running. I started out in the back and just minded my own business, noticing some people passing me, then I would pass them. No big deal. I like running with not many people around me.
First mile: 11.40
Second mile split: 23.20
I looked at my phone sometime in between there and thought I was on aim for about a 38 pace, I was a little bummed. Then, I could hear the cheers from way ahead and new the 3 mile marker had to be up there around the next bend.
When I could see the finish time clock, I got excited and sprinted the last to make it under 36 minutes.
My last PR was 37.38 I think. This time it was 35.49. I will take it. Next race (maybe the anthem in March, but may squeeze in another one) I want it under 36 minutes.
The LRC people were really nice and it was organized. There were no bibs - which is disappointing because I have a bib from each race. But, they had yummy FL oranges!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Healthy Thoughts and Readings.

Wow - I've been thinking a lot lately on what I put in my mouth. It started this weekend with som yummy eats that weren't necessarily "healthy" = low fat, low calorie, etc, but it was totally fresh food with many good things for me and my body (and my mental health and physical activity). Also, I was reading a magazine this morning on the plane from my local health food store in the Ville - Rainbow Blossom. Very interesting articles and I learn every time I read from different sources. I am also wanting to take nutrition/health classes just to learn more and be more educated about what I put in my body. God made my body for a reason (for His glory) and I want to take care of it the best I can.
So, here are some things that I am learning:
1. I do not run well (running, as in physical activity) after eating protein. I've tried it a couple of times (like an egg white omelette on greens) and I just am not propelled as I am when I eat carbs before running.
2. I want to eat as much "natural" stuff as possible. I think I am growing fond of being a locavore when it comes to fresh ingredients. Not necessarily all local ingredients, but definitely all fresh ingredients. I would love to live in a place where I could just go to a daily farmers market and pick out my stuff for the day.
3. I like to eat/graze every 2-3 hours. I don't get starved, I don't get stressed. Now, I just need to eat less when I do and continue to make healthy choices (like homemade hummus and carrots, or carrots and mustard, or a small whole grain homemade oats muffin- yum, fruit, etc).
4. Vitamin K helps with slowing the aging process - and other good things for us. Now, I do take a multi-vitamin (a chewable so I don't have to swallow a horse pill), but I want to get my vitamins naturally - from a whole source. So, a good source of Vitamin K (because as I age I definitely want to look younger) is leafy green veggies and oils like canola and olive. Also, you can find some in meats and fermented foods like cheese and natto (fermented soy beans, a Japanese meal usually served for breakfast). May have to try that - round out my world travels for breakfast (I've been eating a very meditteranean breakfast of couscous and yogurt).
5. Spices help with e-coli - cleaning and the whatnot. Cloves are particularly helpful (and most everyone has that in their kitchen right now), and essential oils do as well.
6. Ah, sugar or natural sweeteners. I am a fan of sugar. I do use honey and maple syrup and different fruits, but I don't use fake sugar. Will i try these new natural sugars? Who knows? I am under the opinion that I would rather go with normal stuff and eat less of it (what I bake) then eat more chemicals when I eat a larger portion of the stuff made with fake stuff. Now with natural sugars - like Agave, I just haven't tried it. anyone have suggestions?
7. Green tea is so good for you. I think the benefits of it are much better than coffee. I have a ton of teas at my house - I just need to use them more. Usually my mornings are not stress free, so I don't have time to sit down to a slow cuppa - maybe in the future.
8. Did you know that prunes are a super super food? I have some in my pantry right now. I need to start eating them. More potassium than a banana. low GI numbers, high in fiber and ranked in the top for its antioxidant powers (and you know how everyone is all about that right now).
9. My chiropractor - whom I get to see today - tells me "if you stop moving, you die." I like that. I just want to be more active, always doing things, not just sitting and letting my body rot or waste away. I want to be healthy from the inside out. I want to eat off the land that God has given me and us. That means I don't eat a lot at fast food places anymore - and if I do, I get salads. Ah, the joys and complexities of wanting to eat healthier and be healthier.
10. How does this work when I bake all the time? I usually am not baking for me. I taste a bit of it - then I give it away. I love to bake and use usually full fat full calorie ingredients when I do. If I eat it, I eat a small portion of it. But, I have learned that indulgences can be allowed - just not every day!

Ok - those are some of my thoughts for now. Have a great day. Be God's today - body, mind, soul.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Now thoughts...

Just wanted to post a few thoughts tonight:
1. I've been training again - run.intervaling.jogging.speed walking 2.4 - 3.6 miles most days of the week in order to get ready for a 5k in Lakeland after Thanksgiving. It is making me hungry. It is also making my legs stronger. And it is making me see how far I've come. I can do 2.4 - anyway I went - in 29-30 minutes. That is right on tap for a 36 minute 5k.
2. I already feel like I'm losing some of the toning from Jillian. I know that's crazy. My last day was Sunday, I did level 2 tonight. I've done kettlebells each night since. Probably just some water retention.
3. Comfort eating. Some people eat when they are sad - I eat when I want to be warm or comforted. Today - it was warm. I had been cold most of the afternoon so when I got home from work I just wanted food. So I had a little bit of everything it seemed. Why - no reason. No rational. I just kept rationalizing it for every reason under the sun. But, finally - I just stopped, prayed that I would quit eating, there was no reason, this was wrong. Thankful to the Holy Spirit for the cravings of comfort food to stop - immediately. Thank you promised Holy Spirit.
4. Sin is never ending. Just when I think I've got it beat - I don't. Pride comes before a fall.
5. Tomorrow is my November weigh in. I should have lost some more from October, but definitely not as much. It is slowing down. But that is ok. It is still going down. With traveling every weekend this month, Thanksgiving, eating out, and also good amount of working out - I don't know what December's weight is going to be.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred - Afterward

Oh, Jillian Michaels - how I love you - no wait, how I hate you, wait...wait...wait...
I finally finished my Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred yesterday. It has been a little over a month journey. I started on September 26, and I skipped a few days.
Here are my thoughts:
1. I really like her "you gotta work" attitude. She's not a softy - and I need that. She wasn't harsh - just persuasive.
2. It gets a little boring. 4 days into Level 2 (where I started) I had it memorized. Even the little quippy lines she uses.
3. You can make it your own. I ended up rotating the 3 levels on and off so I wouldn't get bored more than I already was.
4. To make up for the boredom factor - this totally killed my abs and shoulders. I was sweating in each session and my shoulders have definition! Finally.
5. I can't do this in the morning. I tried to do it one Saturday morning before traveling. Wasn't cutting it - stopped it in the first 3 minutes. I can do cardio in the morning, but not strength training.
6. Its only 20 minutes. I love that. Many times when I was tired, or my shoulders were weak, I had to tell myself - only 6 more minutes, then only 6 more minutes. I can do this. Its a mind game (just like running).
7. On the DVD - you can't skip the intro. Every time you have to watch it because it won't let you fast forward, or skip on the DVD. That was a bummer. But, by midway through I just pressed play and went and did something else before the actual workout started. Way to multitask.
8. Plyo jumps. I can't do those because I live on the second floor or a hardwood floor apt building. I didn't want to annoy my downstairs neighbor too much. So, I just rotated some of the harder plyo moves for other exercises from previous sessions. It was fine.
9. I love the 2 levels - you could work really hard one, then switch and follow the other girl. It was great because many people will come into this with different abilities.
10. What has happened in the last month: definition in my shoulders, some abs starting to show, finally in a size 6 jean, down in the 140s for the first time since 2000!
11. What I would still like to happen: strengthen inner and outer thighs, chest, lats, abs, and triceps, and butt. While keeping everything toned and more toned. And lose 9 more lbs. So - this is what I'm thinking - this is a lifelong pursuit. This doesn't just happen in 30 days and then its over.
12. Next: Continued training for the Christina 5k in Lakeland in November. Kettlebells. And mixing in some jillian randomly through the week.
13. Does anyone have a good leg workout DVD, butt. Or does anyone have good weight room exercises for chest besides your basic chest fly.

Thanks. And I'll be glad to answer anything on Jillian.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Mind Game

I think to the movie A Beautiful Mind - love it. They are playing this game on the lawn, chess among other things. Those are mind games.
Running. Mind Game. Same sentence.
I've started training again. I started 2 weeks ago and remember texting my friend that I had finally ran 1.2 around a park here in town. Whoohooo. Did that for about a week.
Then, I started running around the campus I work at (about a mile). Did one lap, then ran 2 laps, then did 3 laps, then did 40 minutes w/o stopping. Ok - I can do this.
Two nights ago I went running with a friend and we did 2.7 w/o stopping. Last night, I wanted to at least make it to a 5k length, so I just did a little more - 3.1 w/o stopping! :) Whoohooo.
So, now I'm going to do that for a week or two, then start working picking up my pace.
Does any one have a good work workout schedule for a treadmill or something? I have two goals for the Thanksgiving Christina 5k race in Lakeland:
1. Run the entire thing.
2. Beat my time of 37.28

Running is definitely a mind game. As long as you tell yourself you can do it - you can do it. I don't think I really know another sport like it.
I'm also enjoying it. I like what running (or jogging) does for my legs - how it shapes them. I'm also finishing up Jillian's 30 Day Shred - on day 26 tonight. Still feeling the workout, but I'm glad its only 30 days because I have a feeling it would get boring.
So, for the month of November, I'll run in anticipation of the 5k and do kettlebells 3 days a week. Maybe some abs on the opposite kb days. oh, yeah - bring back the kettlebells! :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Guest Blogger: KP on her Healthy Journey

KP is a good friend of mine from our church back in Durham where we served on college ministry staff together. I love that she and her family are serving God in another part of the world! Her kids are so adorable.

For all of you that need inspiration - here is her story. She graciously let me post it here.
If you are reading this and think you can't get baby weight off, or you think that cooking for a family and losing weight is hard, be encouraged!
Keep up the amazing work KP - and find your strength only in Him!

The past 6+ months I have been really working on losing some weight and getting healthy. Lately people have been asking me if I have lost weight and what I am doing to lose it so I thought it was time for a blog about it all. I have lost 34 lbs since the beginning of April. It hasn't always been easy but it has left me feeling so much better about myself and I know that my body is healthier. I have so much more energy and have made exercise a part of my day that I really look forward to each morning (or sometimes afternoon, depending on the day.) I have 12 more lbs to reach my first big goal and then I would like to lose another 15 more after that. I have averaged a little more than a lb a week since I started...sometimes more, sometimes less.

One Sunday morning during the very end of March I heard an amazing Sermon (click on the link to download or listen) from my pastor, J.D. Greear about self-control and discipline. I realized then that my eating was really out of control. It wasn't that I was eating everything in sight it was just that I wasn't giving much thought to it and was not having control over my body and its desires. I realized then that I had to make some changes in my life and lose some of the weight that I had put on before and after having Keane and Gracie (unfortunately I can't really attribute my weight to baby weight because I weighed 5 lbs LESS after having Keane and Gracie than I did when I got pregnant with them). I talked to Ryan about it first. I have been on many "diets" in the past but they have all been temporary and lasted a few weeks or days or months and then once the "diet" was over I just went back to old habits of eating and living and put the weight (and often more) right back on. So, I decided that this time whatever I was going to do to lose this weight was going to have to be more about a lifestyle change and less about a "diet". I realized I needed to learn about the foods I was eating and learn how to make small changes and better choices in my life about food and exercise in order to make this change lasting.

I found a GREAT (free) calorie counting website where I could keep an online journal of what I was eating and how many calories I was consuming. It also allowed me to put in my height and my weight and it calculated the amount of calories my body needed each day to MAINTAIN my weight and it showed me how many calories I needed to eat each day in order to lose the weight I wanted to by my goal date. It REALLY helped me get started and learn about the food I was eating. I began to make small changes like saying no to mayonnaise and cheese and ordering foods grilled instead of fried or ordering light dressings on the side of my salad instead of regular on top. I knew that this wasn't something that was going to happen overnight. I knew it would take time and for the first time in my life, I was OK with that. I would rather give a whole year to trying to get to my goal weight and in the process change the way I think about food and learn to eat better than to spend the rest of my life on "quick fix" yo-yo diets, stressed out and self conscious about my weight. When you think about it that way...a year doesn't seem like a long time at all.

When we were in America for our stateside time it was very easy to count calories and keep very strict track of it all since EVERYTHING has calorie information on the labels including restaurant items (you can look up most menu items online and I did. When people would invite us to go out to eat (or when we wanted to ourselves) I would ask which restaurant they were thinking and I would go to the restaurants website and look at the calorie information for each item. Then I would make my decision then and there before stepping foot into the restaurant and when we arrived at the restaurant I wouldn't even look at the menu to tempt myself. I would just order what I had decided beforehand (what I knew was the best calorie choice and fit into my food needs for the day) and by the time everyone had gotten their food and we had all eaten I felt just as satisfied as if I would have ordered the cheesy, fried item that probably would have caught my attention if I hadn't already made my decision. I often felt more satisfied knowing what I ate was SO much healthier for me and I was one decision closer to my goal weight!).

Once we returned back to Nepal things got a bit harder to really keep exact track of (because nothing has calorie info on it here) but by that time I was two months into it and I had learned so much about the foods I was eating and how to make good choices. I knew how many calories were in a cup of rice or a piece of bread (if you don't that is where the calorie counting website will really help!) I learned it is all about balance and smaller portions. There is no magic diet out there and there is really no simple quick easy fix. Believe me, if there was the world would be skinny. It all boils down to: calories in, calories out. If you eat more calories than you body needs each day to live then you will gain weight. If you eat less calories (or burn them off with exercise) than your body needs each day to live then you will lose weight. It really is that simple. If you eat more calories in carrots than your body needs each day (that is a lot of carrots) than you will gain weight. It is not so much about the kinds of food that we are eating but the amount of food that we are eating. The healthier (and fresher and greener) the foods we choose the more of them we get to eat. I love chocolate and I have eaten something chocolate everyday since I started this new "lifestyle". I knew I had to. I had tried to completely cut it out of my diet before but once I stopped the diet then I just binged on it and ate it all the time. This way, nothing is off limits. It is just the amount that I am concerned about. If I eat a big piece of chocolate cake for my friends birthday then I just eat a very, very light lunch or dinner that day. Like I mentioned earlier, it has been all about balance for me. With God's help, I have gained control over my body and its desires for food (I know this will be a lifetime battle that I will always have to be conscious about). I have learned how to know when I am full and when to stop eating. I have learned to say no to second portions when I know I have already eaten enough. I have learned to take only a bite of something and let the rest pass by. My pastor has also said, "Sacrifice is giving up something you love for something you love more." That has been my motto throughout this entire process. I love food (especially sweets) but I love the thought of being thin and healthy and in shape much, much more than the temporary pleasure that the taste of that food on my mouth brings.

Also, since I came back to Nepal and it was harder to know exactly how many calories I was eating each day (although I always have an idea), especially since often we are eating at friends house and have to eat what they give us, I really increased the amount that I was exercising. I exercise 5-6 days a week for about 45 minutes - 1 hour everyday (on top of the normal walking I do around my community). For me, it works best to get up before Keane and Gracie do (at about 6:15 am) and do an exercise video in my living room (I love Tae-bo and Jillian Michaels work out DVD's). We also have a membership to a gym near our home so sometimes I go there as well to swim or run on the treadmill. I can honestly say that I love exercise now. It is not a chore. I feel so much better after a great workout than I did before one. Lately, I have been turning the volume off on my exercise DVD's (once you have done them a few times the commentary gets OLD and BORING and in my mind is a waste of time) and listen to a sermon while I am exercising. Most sermons are about the same amount of time (45 minutes) as many workout DVD's and listening to the sermon makes the time exercising seem to go by so much faster and I feel so refreshed from hearing the Word of God taught while I exercise. It becomes a wonderful 45 minutes for my mind, body, heart and soul.

I pray that you will be encouraged by my story. Believe me, if I can get control of this in my busy life than you can too. It is not too late and it is easier than you think. Just take one step at a time. I am still working on reaching my goals so I am right there with you. Also, maybe it is not food that "controls" you. Maybe you are not overweight but your life is "out of control" in other areas. The sermon I mentioned earlier in this post is a WONDERFUL one for anyone to listen to. As Christians we must NOT let our bodies have control over us. With God's help and strength we can overcome the things that hold us back from being the person that God intends for us to be. We don't have to do it alone and it might take some time but it is worth it!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Time on Pre-Teen Obesity and the Perfect Body

Back in August, I came across an interesting article in Time magazine. I won't repeat the article, because it has been linked, but I do want to point out some alarming things that I underlined.

1. Preteens have the "notion about the ideal body". Good gracious. The culprit: media. Preteen girls already read Cosmo Girl, Seventeen, watch shows such as Melrose Place and ANTM. They think they aren't perfect unless they look like the girls in the magazine. I remember a few years ago a Steven Curtis Chapman song came out: (Fingerprints of God)
I can see the tears filling your eyes
And I know where theyre coming from
Theyre coming from a heart thats broken in two
By what you dont see the person in the mirror
Doesnt look like the magazine
2. With these distorted views, comes the "increased risk for eating disorders". Wow - at 10 and 11. Girls struggling with identity. Girls who destroy their bodies. Girls on a diet. Girls who think they are nothing if they aren't perfectly skinny. If you know of anyone like this, go through some ideas found in Love to Eat, Hate to Eat by Elyse Fitzpatrick with them.
3. "School-based intervention to teach children about healthy body weight and body image have actually achieved some success." I hope they continue! But, still, we can teach them this all day long - but if our hope and our identity is not based in Christ, nothing will fulfill. The image we see reflected in the mirror will never be good enough.
4. Image issues lead to "obesity, concurrent healthy problems such as diabetes to depression." Image is such a problem with teen girls. I did youth ministry for many years - and the girls I knew had such distorted thoughts. Hope for them! Hope is Christ. Share this with them.
How can we help:
1. Teach first that image and being is found in Christ.
2. Educate them on healthy eating - practice healthy eating at home.
3. Love all the girls - don't show preferrance to the "pretty, skinny ones"
4. Love your girls. But, if they are way too skinny and unhealthy, or way overweight, love them enough to not let them stay like that!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Runners World: "Running and Glutton" by David Willey

There are certain words that grab my attention right now. Two of those are running and gluttony. I only took up running in January. I got a subscription to Runner's World, signed up for races, and put runs in my calendar for the week. I also learned that you must keep running to keep being good at it. I now don't run that much - I love variety in my work outs. But, I just signed up for a 5k in my hometown over Thanksgiving so I need to get working at it again (can't let my Dad beat me!) The other one is gluttony. I'm writing some things on this, so the key word is there again. As a believer in Christ - I think any time a "sin" word comes up in conversation or writing - it catches my attention, helps me be on guard.
I sat down to read this month's Runner's World and the Editor's Letter was titled: Running and Gluttony. I immediately tore it out, read it, and am now blogging on it. I usually like what David Willey has to say, and he looks like a young Rob Lowe - so how can he be bad. I didn't disagree with everything - here are some points:
1. Quoting the PC guy (the dude on the computer commercials, John Hodgman): "The problem with nutritionists is that they only care about nutrients." I hate it when people think the healthy food has to be yucky tasting. One of my friends recently wrote on her facebook status something to the effect of - 'gotta get back on my diet, goodbye all the good tasting foods'. I definitely have to disagree. I think a lot of healthy things are very good tasting as well. I love to cook. And nutrients are good for you. Green beans fresh from the field have more nutrients and taste better than canned ones that have been sitting on a shelf for 2 years. If we want to be a healthier America, and healthier individuals, we must change our attitude and stop thinking of healthy as gross or handcuffed just out of reach of yummy morsels. And nutrients propel you to do better running, have better PRs, finish higher in races, etc.
2. "One of my favorite things about being a runner is the freedom to eat both halves of a Dagwood-sized corned-beef Reuben or to say, 'Sure, I'll have another beer' without a moment's hesitation or a trace of regret." Two things wrong with this statement. Do we need to eat both halves of the sandwich - or is one plenty serving and will fill us up? 2. We shouldn't use exercise as a motivation just to eat more. A person related to me once said this about someone else: he exercises because he likes to eat more. How screwed up a view of our bodies is that? Yes, I fail in this many times - eating more because I know I'm going to do a Jillian Michael's DVD later and will need fuel and will work it off. Your body does need more fuel if you are going to go run 26.2 miles. But, we use this excuse way too often - and our bodies are usually unhealthier because of it.
3. "The key to indulgence, as any nutritionist will tell you, is moderation." Yes, I agree. But then are we relegating indulgence just to a type of food and not to the amount of food. I see them as both and.
4. (In light of a burger topped with peanut butter and bacon) "What was decidedly bad was my six-miler along the Charles (River) the next morning. I felt...well, like you'd expect to feel after fueling up on three flavors of fat (with a side of fries)." Then why do it - they all went back later and had more. I know how horrible I feel if I eat too much. But, does that stop me from doing it the next time - not usually. There are commercials with digestion help tablets that joke about how much American's eat for Thanksgiving or Super Bowl or other heavy-feasting days. Why do we do it? We feel horrible. I ate late one night before a race - I could tell it in my running the next morning.
5. "The next days' run was even worse (after eating more PBB). I actually felt remorse. But, I'll probably have another PB&B burger in April. Not just because its delicious but because it offers something by the book nutrients often lack: fun." There's something healthy about that, too." Oh, from the Christian stand point.... Sin is fun. Indulging in things that aren't good for us may be fun - yet we are like dogs returning to vomit - creatures of habit. I don't want to chained to bad food anymore - or good food for that matter. I want to make healthier choices for many reasons: Obedience to God, it makes me feel better, it fuels my body better, and it tastes so good! And you know what - I can have a small cheeseburger on occasion - but I NEVER need a whole Royal Red Robin Burger ever again.
Thanks David Willey for offering me food for thought and fuel for my run.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Wow - its been a while!
Well - here is an update:
1. I am working on some writing on subjects re: health, weight, etc.
2. I am in process to hopefully being employed p/t with Weight Watchers.
3. I finished Bob's 6 week Yoga for Weight Loss - amazing (but my wrists started hurting from doing all those downward dogs and planks).
4. I start Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred today. Since it is only 20 minutes I'll team it with Seneca or other walking on most days.
5. I didn't run the Gaslight 5k - just way too busy.
6. My next 5k is in Lakeland, FL the Saturday after Thanksgiving - around Christina Park/Lake. Should be great.
7. i'm doing walking, sprinting intervals around a 1.2 mile loop. Usually do it twice.
8. I hit my college graduation weight today. That is exciting. Now only one previous goal to go - then on past that to new unreached goals!
9. I love encouraging others with this topic!
10. I love being encouraged on this topic by others - and their successes!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lifetime Member at Weight Watchers!

Whoohoo! Today is a milestone: Lifetime with Weight Watchers as of 8/28/09!
Ok - for those of you who don't know what all that lingo means - here you go:
1. Mom doesn't have to pay anymore! My Mom has graciously been paying for this (39$/mth) since April 2008. So, now, as long as I don't go 2 lbs over my goal weight - I stay free for life!
2. Lifetime means I have met my chosen goal and maintained it for 6 weeks - without going 2 lbs over. I have lost over 4+ beyond my goal weight.
3. I still want to lose another 10%. I don't know if that is attainable for me, but I will try it nonetheless.
4. Weight Watchers is good on a number of levels:
a. I think it is the best weight loss company out there.
b. There are no X foods. Most weight loss companies limit you on your food or make you eat their foords or say you can't have this or that. Not with WW. WW is all about choices, being smart in how you eat, accountability with meetings/weighing in, and exercising. Simple isn't it!
5. I also bring in the spiritual aspect into my eating. Eating is not comfort. Eating will not make me feel better. Eating too much is a sin. My body is not my own.
6. Encouragement and accountability is so important. I have many friends who have gotten a text from me every week for the past 16 months saying how much I had lost or gained. They are faithful in encouraging me - even when I gained. Some know the way I feel about myself, some know more details than they probably want to know. But - these are great friends!
7. Just because I have lost this weight (again) doesn't mean that I will automatically get married or get the dream ministry job. This is what I have thought in the past. That when I lose this weight and am thinner - than someone will like me - because all the pretty thin girls get married. God has definitely shown me the error of that thinking. But, I still need to be pleasing to God in how I take care of my body.
8. I really love fashion a lot more (but not the high prices) when I weigh less. So, I take better care of how I look, how I present myself to the outside world, office at work, etc.
9. This isn't easy - but it is about choices.
10. And you know - I still love food. I still love cooking for people and baking and everything. But, I also give food away more, learn self control (gift of the Holy Spirit, thank you), exercise more, drink more water, and make wise(r) choices!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kings Island Diamondback 5k

Well, let's see.....
1. Not my best run - somewhere between 36.5-38.5 but the exact results aren't up yet. We'll see and I'll post updates on here.
2. Most disorganized race I've been to. Granted it was the first one, but computers weren't working, you had to go through 2 check out lines (that means standing in really long lines twice), ran out of 5k medals, were giving folks the 10k ones, no plain water after race, luke warm Vitamin water to drink, no bagels, bananas, etc. 1 hour after race had some granola bars, ran out of t-shirts, started 30 minutes late, ran out of water at aid stations along race course, had almost 90 minutes of down time from end of race till the park opened.
3. I did good stretching before hand because I wasn't sore after race.
4. It was HOT and HUMID that day - everyone was just drenched in sweat!
5. After about 3 hours after race...I had only drank 12 oz of water (that I bought before b/c there was no plain water) and then with the mid-90s temperature, and the roller coasters - I was sick! Finally after laying down on a bench for about 45 minutes, I was better, got some water in me, then finally ate something about 3pm.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bob's Weight Loss Yoga

Thanks to my wonderful long lost friend, Tasya - this is now going to be a well-used DVD in my apt.
I got home from a long hiking and driving weekend last night. Still wanted to do something to stretch out my muscles before heading into a short work week followed by more LONG drives. Popped in this DVD.
I was sweating in the first 5 minutes. It is a 6 week program, so I'm in weeks 1-2. Bob used sarcasm and encouragement to prod me along in this 30 minute warm up and yoga workout. My upper arms and quads were wobbly a good hour after I finished.
This is super! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eden's Village 5k Run

Today, Aarica, Jaime and I went up to Pekin IN for a 5k Run with all proceeds going to an orphanage run by Christian missionaries in Zimbabwe, Africa. How cool - running and missions!

It was raining the whole trip. At about 5 till 8 the rain stopped. It was nice for the run. I haven't run at all since the Hubers 5k in June. I could tell it - especially getting up the first hill which was about the first 1/2 mile. Thank goodness for downhills!

J and A did great and passed me once they hit the turn around spot. There were about 80 runners in this race, so it wasn't huge. Most of them new each other.

I finished at 37.28 - which is 1 minute better than my last 5k time. I'll take it. My 2 mile split was 24.02, so that is a 12 minute mile each time. The last one was the hardest since a lot of it was uphill and it was getting warmer, and I was more tired. Gotta push harder in those last miles in any race. Then came the trophies - really we were just staying around to see if we had won any of the door prizes. We didn't. BUT

We all came in 3rd in our age brackets. Now, I don't know how many women 30-39 ran today - but I was happy to come in third! :)

So, my next race is in August at Kings Island in OH. Can't wait. And I'll start doing some more running. Gotta beat my time each time.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weight Loss Thoughts

I know this is an exercise blog (5k on Saturday) but it is also about living healthy - so I wanted to post some thoughts on weight loss. I've recently (again) lost almost 50 lbs. I use the Weight Watcher system, mainly because it works, you eat normal food, and you don't have to "cut out" anything. But, here are some lessons/thoughts I have learned/had this go around:
1. If you are unwilling to do without _______ the rest of your life, don't cut it out to start with. Because once you add it back into your life, most likely some of the weight will come back on.
2. Discipline. Yes - it does take more discipline to eat healthy, exercise, etc than to not.
3. Choice. Its all about choice. Would I rather go to Red Robin and clog my arteries and gain weight every Sunday after church, or go to Cafe Lou Lou and get a salad and split a hummus platter with a friend once a month? What about frying french fries or roasting 2 small new potatoes with a drizzle of olive oil and some rosemary? A Cherry Coke or Sunkist or a Gold Peak Unsweetened Tea? Watching movies all day on Saturday or watching 2 movies on Saturday and having time to go for a nice long walk around the neighborhood and lifting some weights? These are the choices I am talking about.
4. The scale does not run your life. I am one of those people who weigh every day and every night if I am home. I am curious to see what different foods do for weight gain, times of eating, types of exercise, etc. I record my weight once a week. But, a friend pointed out that it was running my life. God used that little spur to get me to see I had made the scale a little g god in my life. The scale would determine how I felt about myself and how I behaved that day. Now, every time I step on the scale, I proclaim the gospel of Christ on my life, my weight, who I am, how the blood of Christ covers me, etc.
5. Encouragement. You need encouragement in this process. If most of the people around you are sabotaging your weight loss endeavors - it will be so TOUGH! I have people around me who are encouraging, who are my cheerleaders. That helps. And people will try to "not help" you. There are people who fuss at me and wonder why I'm not eating the junk food for breakfast or don't have this. You have to either have a kind response or say nothing at all. And on the flip side - encourage other people. I love being able to share with other women the journey that God has taken me throughout my whole life or weight loss/gain/loss/gain - you get the picture. It has been a journey. One that has definitely left me seeing more of Christ this go around.
6. Try new exercises. I picked up running in January - now I'm doing more yoga and kettlebells mixed with walking. Mix it up. I love hiking and biking - that will happen more in the next few months. If you get bored with exercising, you'll give it up. Find a friend or family member to do it with you.
7. I love to cook. I've learned to cook more healthfully. But, that doesn't mean I've quit cooking the stuff I love: muffins, brownies, cookies, pastas - I just cook them less and share them with others.
8. Study food. How it effects your body? How it fuels your body? Why do you need it eat it and when do you need to eat it? I've found that I eat most of my food before 6pm. I very seldom eat after then. I've learned that works for me. Everyone is different - God is a very creative God. None of us are the same.
9. Goals. Don't set goals that are so unreachable. I didn't say in April 2008 "I want to lose 68.2 lbs". But, I said, I want to lose 10%, or just get below 200 would be nice. And have other goals but scale number goals. Have a particular outfit you want to get in, or a fitness goal (5k completion, etc).
10. Remember, especially by this blog post and by this blog post that weight/eating is a spiritual issue and discipline.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why Americans Are So Fat...

Uber-blogger Tim Challies found this at the New Yorker today. Such a reflective thought as to why Americans are so fat. Yes, that is a bit harsh - but so true!
While I definitely don't agree with everything in the article (especially the latter half), it is still a fact - Americans are heavier now than they were.
Here are some of my thoughts as to why:
1. Sedentary jobs. More of us have desk jobs than manual labor jobs.
2. Convenience foods - or processed foods. McD's or Moe's is more popular than farmers markets and growing your own garden.
3. Social eating. I love to eat out!
4. Video games. Are Xboxes in themselves evil - no. But, its parents who use tvs and video games to be babysitters for their kids instead of taking a walk around the neighborhood, playing catch, swimming at the local Y, or anything physical.
These are just some of the many problems. What do you think are some of the problems with America being a heavier nation?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Update and one more summer race

Well, just signed up for another 5k in late July in Pekin, IN. This race really combines two loves: running and missions. How cool is that. 100% of the profits is going to the above children's home in Zimbabwe.
Vegetarian eating is going good. I am liking it, but think I will need to get back to eating healthier proteins (meat: chicken, turkey) in September. Legumes and Lentils don't do a whole lot for me.
Kettlebells are good. I call mine Mr. Blue Bell (and because I like ice cream, and the kettlebell is blue).
Weight is staying below 165, but not working really hard at watching what I eat right now with traveling - it makes it harder. And going out. This is a lifestyle and I have to be able to live. I can't eat egg white omelettes every meal!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hubers 10k - UPDATED

I love a 10k! Hubers was a great place for it. This race was well-organized, great volunteers, cheerleaders around every bend it seemed like. Weather was overcast and foggy - so it was cool and didn't get warm till my last .3 miles.
I hadn't been training really because I had been housesitting, but I did pretty good. For 3.5 miles of I was talking to people instead of running, but that turned out well. I talked to Carol and Leah most of the way. Got to talk to them about life and church. I started off with Kari (whose husband took this picture) and stayed with her for the first 1.4 miles. Then she kept running (go Kari) and I took a walk break.
I did pretty well the last 2.5 miles. My first mile split was 11.04. I thought that was pretty good. Just wish I could keep that up.
My final time was 80.30 - and I was pleased with that because it beat my desired time of 82. We got these really cool tshirts made of the wicking material to keep us cool.
I will definitely be doing this race again next year. Now, I'm really going to start training for another 5k in OH in August - I want to run as much as possible!
UPDATE: I just saw the results from the race on the Pacers and Racers website. I did finish last in my age bracket but I also finished faster than I thought. The time they had 79.10 - I'll take it! That means it was a 13.15 10k/mile split. The second mile was definitely the worst!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Berea 8k Trail Run

Berea was good to me. Sloan and I went to Berea (about 1.40 East of the ville), home of Berea College and Papaleno's (Italian goodness) for the first ever Get Healthy Berea 8k Trail Run. There were only about 50 people there for both the run and the walk.
The trail was the actual BC CC trail. We went around fields, through the woods, through creeks, on gravel, over stumps, etc. The gravel was the hardest thing to run on, and running with wet shoes isn't fun.
But, it gave my legs a workout! And, I wasn't last. A 55 year old lady finished about 10 minutes after me. Hey - I finished. 67 minutes for a 8k - that is about a 13.50 minute trail run. I'll take it.
Next week - I'll be thankful to be back on pavement!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer is HERE!

So excited for June 1. Here is my lineup for a toning up summer. Many exciting things:
1. I am finally below 165! And I'm wearing a dress I haven't worn for almost 3 years! How exciting is that - to get one ready for the summer!
2. I have 4.6 lbs to go till my WW goal, and then another 10% for my personal goal. Hopeully I can get those off this summer.
3. Kettlebells. Wow, these are going to kill me. My friend Cynthia came over last night and showed me a 3 day/wk workout plan for them. I have a 15lb blue padded kettlebell that I got from Target. The horns are half padded as well. That will be a good cardio/weight exercise for 3 days a week.
4. Running/Walking. The next two weeks will be a chance in this for me. Everyday for the next 2 weeks I'll be doing 3.5 miles walking with an Alaskan Husky. Housesitting. Hopefully it doesn't rain. I won't be getting in much running, but walking is good for me as well.
5. Races. I've got the Berea 8k trail run this Saturday. Next Saturday is the Hubers 10k. July 4 is the Crescent Hill 5k. August 16 is the Kings Island 5k. So, those will keep me running - even if just at night around campus. Hopefully more powerful legs will help.
6. Yoga. I'm doing yoga for weight loss (a dvd) and also namaste yoga when I am home and can find it on FitTV. Both are excellent. I'm loving it. Haven't really done yoga before except for 2 classes.
7. Vegetarian. I'm going mostly vegetarian this summer. I'm allowing one meal for meat and one meal for seafood each week - then the is vegetables, dairy, whole grains, etc.
8. Results. I do want to lose more weight this summer. I'm also hoping to raise my good cholesterol and lower my body fat and increase my flexibility. Sometime in September I'll revisit these things and see what the results are. Hopefully good ones!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ups and Downs (literally)

This week has been good (!/?)
I've been doing a 20 minute yoga video each night before I've gone to bed which is good.
Been running the block and campus of where I live once it cools off in the evening - that's been good - taking less walking breaks.
Last night I did interval training (running, core, bleachers) and I thought I would die.
This wknd getting two longer run/walks in.
It is so funny how some days your body can seem really strong and other days you feel like you haven't done anything in the last 5 months.
Lost almost 2 more lbs this week (which is big for me, I usually lose less).
So, all in all - I think I'll stick with it. Some progress is better than none!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Zoo 5k Results and Thoughts

This one was tough. Couple of reasons. Good news: I beat my time from my first 5k by 40 seconds. Finsihed around 38.20 (we didn't have a chip on our shoe).

1. It was cool but amazingly humid for Louisville at 8am in May. We were sticky just getting out of the car. And more humidity made it much harder to run fast.
2. Hills. The zoo is all hills with one really big one. And curves that tons of people are trying to get around at the same time, so you are basically stopping and then starting again. not a great starting line to have to do that so soon when not everyone has spread out yet.
3. No chip. I like having a chip on my shoe so I can know exactly what time I've done. Oh, well. I finished at 39.50, but we didn't cross the start line when the first ones did (we don't even know where the start line really was?).
4. Stomach cramps. For about 1 mile in there my stomach hurt so bad. I have no clue what it was. I drank water before the race, at the same thing I eat before every race, at the same time I eat it before each race. All I could think about what how much my stomach hurt. But, then about mile 2.5 it stopped and didn't hurt again the whole day.
After we ran, we did get to look around at the animals and have a great morning at the Louisville zoo. And enjoy bananas and Calistogas' bagels. Sloan and I split one. Blueberry! And water.
Well, the next one is a little under a month away. Prepare better! And hopefully no stomach cramping!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Binge Eating and grace

Well, last night I was completely exhausted. Both physically and mentally. I had two days in a row of hard work-outs (BL Cardio Max and 30 minutes of walking followed by 45 minutes of walking and a pilates class on Tuesday). My body was sore, my muscles hurt. My upper back is in pain and my chiro appt isn't until next Friday in Raleigh (PTL) so that tires me even more. So, when I got home I just decided to eat.
I ate some sushi and fried rice at a friend's house. I had some rotisserie chicken, some baked chips, some granola, some pecans, a low-fat ice cream sandwich, some popcorn. Why? Was I hungry - NO. Was I going to go exercise so I needed to fuel my body? NO. I was just tired so I ate.
This is how I justified it: I have flex points. I'm doing Weight Watchers and I have 35 points each week to spend however I want. I've often thought that just tends to make us sin more. Well, last night - that is exactly what it did.
Almost finished with the bowl of popcorn - I sat it down far away from me and said, Kim, stop eating. This isn't right and prayed for forgiveness and grace right then.
God is so good to me. I gained a pound this morning. But, that is in my past. I must step forward in grace today. Eating right, eating to fuel, eating to be pleasing to my God in my choices for what goes in my mouth - and how much.
I have to learn why I eat the way I eat and how God is so much bigger than that reason!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Body Assessment

Today has come. Its great that I got everything on one day. Here are the results from my many tests today - most of which I am very pleased!
Cholesterol - total is 156 - very good. My good cholesterol is on the low borderline, so I need to raise that. I need to eat some healthy fats and more seafood (like my Dad does).
Blood sugar was 69 - anything lower than 70 is good. This is good news because diabetes runs in my Dad's side of the family.
Body fat % - 33%. This may seem really high and it is, but it is still in the normal range for women. I would like it to be around 22% so that is my goal. And my scale at home that says i measures body fat is WAY off! Don't believe it. Go get a caliper test - much more accurate!
BMI - 25.551 - so that is still a little high, need to get that down, but that will come off with weight too.
Waist - 30.5 - I was so excited about that! :) Man to think what it was!
Hips - 43 - yikes! I need to keep doing cardio and lunges! :) But, it was a good ratio.
My crunch fitness test was excellent and the return to normal after cardio heart rate was above average. My push up test was ok to poor, but my flexibility is where I really need to work! I need to do more stretching!
I tried on a 10 skirt yesterday and it was too big, a size 8 jeans which were just snug in the waist, and a size 6 dress which was a tad tight at the top. But, I'm heading in the right direction!
Another race is this weekend - 5k Throo the Zoo - many hills, but I am encouraged! I can do this!
Gotta keep going - right now, though, I gotta go eat lunch!

Monday, April 27, 2009

My First Half Marathon

It is done! :)

On Saturday, bright and early (ok, just early) - I got up at 515am. I ate a whole wheat bagel with pb and honey on one side and pb/preserves on the other side. Got dressed, put my chip on my shoe, pinned my bib to my shirt, and hitched a ride with the parental Dawkinses to the Laura and David's house. Our whole group finally got there and we headed out to Iroquois to the start line.
By 730 it was already 75 degrees - wow it was going to be warm. (If that tells you anything, the men's marathon winner from this year finished 20 minutes slower than last year's winner.) It was in the 80s by the time I finished!
But, we were off. I ran most of the race with a new friend (and Gator fan) Emily. We ran and powerwalked. I found out from her that the two (running and power walking) use two different sets of muscles. I found it hard to keep up with her running distance and she found it hard to keep up me at the speed of power walking.
My first mile was 10.5 - the fastest I've done by 1 minute. I think I came out of the gate a little fast though.
I finished in 3 hours 7 seconds.
Here are my thoughts from my first half marathon:

1. About mile 12, I realized (while listening to the second time of All Because of Jesus on my iPod) that if I didn't finish this in 3 hours flat, God was not going to love me any less, and I wasn't a better person, more worthy of love, if I did. It would be ok in the end. In the words of Franscesca Bottecilli (or however you spell her name): Perfection is my enemy.
2. Running with friends is great. I had my cell with me and receiving texts the entire time and sending them out was a great source of encouragement for me. Having Laura, the parental dawkinses, and others at the finish line was so encouraging as well. They all finished the half faster than me, but we were still waiting on David and Reid's marathon to finish.
3. It was very neat to see marathon runners finishing with half marathoners and patting them on the back, encouraging them to keep going.
4. I was crying when older women would finish the half, or when 7mth pregnant ladies would finish the half, or when relay teams would hold hands and finish all together. Running is such a community sport - in the broader sense of the term.
5. My stomach didn't fare too well the rest of the day.
6. I need to prepare my quad muscles - strengthen them. I will be doing that more before my next half.
7. Train hard, run harder - I didn't do this and I need to do better at it - without injury - for which I'm so glad and thankful.
8. I will never be a pretty runner.
9. I need to work on toning my arms.
10. When looking at these pictures you would never think I've lost 40 lbs - can I lose another 40?
10b. I love this running skort - its an Adidas one and I got it for a really good sale price at Kohls (I love Kohls). So this may be something I run in a for a while for races! Especially when it is this hot!
11. I love to run! or power walk or interval. Its good exercise! :)
11b. Can't wait for the Zoo 5k in less than 2 weeks!
12. I'm thankful for these friends and the many in FL and NC who are such an encouragement to me!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Compliments and Other Good Things

This week has been full of great compliments for me. I always don't know how to take them, because I definitely don't believe them all. I've learned just to say "thank you" and keep going.
1. You are seriously skinny!
2. You are shrinking!
3. You are so pretty - people have it easy to make you look pretty.

These are hard to take. But I keep them and thank them.

1. I ran the furthest w/o stopping - 1.3 miles. Gotta keep adding to that!
2. Tonight I ran the fastest I've run a mile - 11 1/2 minutes. Whoohooo! :)

Mini is only 3 days away! I'm so excited. Picking up bib, driving route on Thursday!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Goals - Updated in Moleskin 4.17.09

I took some time today to write down some of my goals. I have a moleskin (love those things) for weight, how I feel each day, and my goals. So, I thought I would share the goals with you (for all who read it - which isn't very many). But this is a tangible way for me to stay on track.
Mini-Derby - 4.25.09 - 1/2 Marathon - less than 3 hours.
Through the Zoo - 5.9.09 - 5k - under 39 minutes
Berea Trail Run - 6.6.09 - 8k - 1.10
Joe Huber's - 6.13.09 - 10k - less than 1.19
Bluegrass 10 - 7.4.09 - Under whatever my Hubers time is...

These are more general goals:
Goal Weight by Erin's wedding (8.9.09) - 9 lbs to go!
1 diet coke or carbonated beverage per/week - right now I'm at about 3, so I need to cut those down.
Stop eating when full. This will do me good because some times I eat real fast and don't take time to think about why I am eating.
Memorize Scripture about food, my body, healthy living, etc.
Snack healthier - I don't need to consume processed foods.
Try new grains. Wheatberries, etc. I need to broaden my horizons when it comes to good-for-me grains.
More veggies - this will be much easier in the summer! :) Bring on the farmer's markets
Sale Produce/meat - even if it means trying new things or maybe eating a lot of the same things cooked in different ways - at least I'll be doing good on the checkbook!
Eat on small plates. I don't like big dinner plates - because I fill them up!
Toning - I do 200 weighted twists/punches each night. I need to keep that up - get that core and those arms in shape!
Body Fat - I need to get that in a good range and first need to get it tested. I've already put out an email regarding that.
Cholesterol. I'm having that checked in 10 days. See where it is. See what I need to do with it. If it is not in a healthy range, then make it there!

Ok - now to get to it! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Aches and Pains

Well - moving in my bike this weekend and putting it off and on the bike rack (learning how) has strained some muscles. I think I would rather have a pulled muscle in my leg. But, I have strained the muscle on the inside of my right shoulder blade - which is attached to a muscle in my chest. That just hurts running. I had a horrible mile.2 yesterday. Today I must go do more. It should be nice weather on Thursday and Saturday for longer runs.
The derby is 10 days away. I am looking forward to it. Goal time anywhere below 3 hours. It will depend on the weather and the pulled muscle. But, I can push through it - right?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guest Blog: Laura Dawkins

Yeah - its time to hear from someone else other than me.
Both seminaries I have worked for have produced friendships with amazing women, both older and younger than me.
Laura works down the hall from me. I came to know her through her sister-in-law. I love stopping by her office, telling her my accomplishments, getting encouragement from her, seeing all the cool things she does with photography, sewing, food, table decorations, etc. She is also a very consistent runner.
She posted this blog today. I thought I would share it with you (with permission). It is on discipline, and growing in discipline.
Thanks Laura!

Monday, April 6, 2009


There are days when I am extra motivated. There are days when I need more motivation than ever.
One of those days was yesterday - yes, when both happened.
I was the lowest on the scale that I've been (168.8) in 2 years. I wore a belt to church and was complimented on it. I ate too much healthy food because I didn't have very much protein all day - and that's what keeps me full. It was my day off for exercising, so I didn't do anything. And I read Runners World - which always is a great motivator!
So...thought I would put down some motivations that work for me. What are yours to eat healthy, lose weight, exercise?
1. My body is not my own - I am bought with a price. Overeating is a sin - and I want to please Jesus. This is underlying, but definitely not the first one I think about all the time.
2. My clothes fit better. I love being able to make almost anything out of my closet and have it fit - unlike a year ago when I had 5 outfits.
3. Compliments from others.
4. Runners World - always motivates me to keep running.
5. Harder moves, longer holds in pilates - keeps me coming back.
6. Races - this is why I sign up for them because I need something more than just my own self running to keep me aiming toward something.
7. Great vegetables always make me want to keep eating healthy.
8. I am less at risk for certain health issues now that I have lost 40 lbs - but still want to lose another 20-25.
9. ANTM - Watching that show motivates me as well. The heaviest winner (from last season), Whitney, is 5'9" and 159. So, I figure to look as good as her, I have to be 148 because I'm shorter.
10. The scale. But, I know this isn't the best motivator because I am a woman and it fluctuates.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Goals and Changes

Sometimes I get clearly ahead of myself and don't think things through. Oh, well. But, there is always grace.
I had planned on doing the Sprint Tri in Chapel Hill in August. I was fine with the 50$ entry fee, but then I would have buy a helmet, a good suit to swim in, make sure my bike is in good biking order.
So, I just don't think it is going to happen - just financially not a good decision right now.
So, here is what is coming up:
Mini-derby (3 weeks out)
Throo the Zoo - 5 weeks out
Hubers (maybe) - June
Lexington Bluegrass 10k - July 4
Louisville Marathon is a possibility in October.

Training: I do get my bike next wknd, so that will fun to take and do something besides running. Pilates is still going great. I love the toning work. I do a cardio class usually once a week - and that is a great sweat producer. I'm running this week about 1.2 a day - just because of time constraints. I hope to get in a long one this Saturday before the bball games begin.
Eating: This week I've eaten many more vegetables and I'm definitely noticing a drop in weight. That is very good. The scale was below 170 - I love hitting those 10 lbs marks! So, I just gotta keep at it!

Anyway - those are just little things...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Made my 1 mile goal!

I made it!
Yesterday, I told myself I was going to run a mile - without stopping. I have never done that in my whole life - ever!
So, I started in Cherokee with a warm up of .2 miles, then walked .4, then ran some, walked some. Got to the crest of a hill by the bball courts and started running - knew it would have be a long time. I kept going with fast songs on the ipod.
I finally had to stop. I could see the turn off point to go back to my car, but I just needed to stop.
Got back to my car and drove the Cherokee Scenic loop. I noticed what I ran was exactly 1 mile. it was so exciting!
I just wanted to speed home to get my cell phone and change my fb status!
Next time there I must finish it (from the point I started running). I can do it. Next week I need to get in some Seneca time (its a shorter loop) b/c I'm housesitting and will be able to take the dog for a walk in the evening.
Tonight is cardio class...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weight and Exercise: More than just a # issue

I love reading blogs. I read several where I don't even know the person who is writing it - but somewhere along the line someone I did know put something they wrote on their blog - and I linked to it as well.
This is one. I finally read it (its been in my starred items for a while now). Love it.
Exactly what I've said for a long time. That being overweight or never exercising is not just a number or food issue. It is a spiritual issue.
One book I love on this topic is Love to Eat, Hate to Eat by Elyse Fitzpatric. Good stuff.
Living life everyday in light of the gospel.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Help! Spring is Here!

Ah, spring - how I love thee. Longer hours to exercise outside, dark mornings (don't know how productive those are, but I like lighter evenings), fresh fruits, more produce stands, green veggies, budding flowers, travel.
All that to seems like I've been snacking. In the winter I can easily dish out soups and chilis that are healthy and filling. But, cooking for one in the spring and summer and not eating salads every day is a bit challenging. So my weight is stagnant even with all this exercising because I'm more tempted to nibble.
I need some ideas for healthy eating for one, or just what to do to jump start the weight loss again!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Missed Running

This week I've been run down with a cold (no pun intended). So, my last 2 mile run was Tuesday. I've been so missing it.
Yesterday I was going to do a long run but it decided to rain - all day.
So, today - I went to Cherokee and went for a 2.6 mile run - 35 minutes. Definitely not great, but it felt great to be out there.
So, this week - pilates and running, pilates, running, running, running, running, day off.
My new priority and goal - UNC Wellness Sprint Triathlon - August 9. Everything is better in Carolina. But, first...a mini, 5k, and 2 10ks. Good things to do with some of my Uncle Sam comeback!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Goals...How to Set Them

On December 30, 2008 I decided I needed a goal for physical activity in 2009. Mine was to run a 5k. Great, I did that. It was so much fun. I had a blast, it was invigorating, I finished it under my time of 40 minutes (finished at 39 flat).
Now - what are my next goals?
This run a mile without stopping. The farthest I've done is 5/6 of a mile. I'm not going to die if I run the last 2 laps around the gym. Then hopefully if the weather is nice to run 12.2 this weekend either Sat or Sunday - whichever day the weather is nicer.
April 25 - Derby Half Marathon - I just want to finish it under 3 hours. I would also like to be at my Pre-FL/Leaving NC weight - that means I have 4 lbs to go!
May 9 - I just found out about the ThrootheZoo 5k. I've never been to the Ville Zoo - I've heard its great. You get to run through the Zoo then stay for the zoo itself. That will be a fun thing to do. And I would have to finish that one under 39 minutes. Every 5k now has to be faster.
June 13 - there is a Hubers Park Race - that would be a lot of fun too - especially if I'm going to be up there anyway picking summer fruits!
July 4 - Don't know if I'm going to do the Bluegrass 10 miler or run one in IN with a friend. I don't know if I can make my goal weight by then - but I can push for it - from right now it would be 11 lbs.

So, those are my goals. Hopefully the weather this weekend will be nice

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My First 5k! New Personal Record

It's done! My first 5k. The Anthem was a blast this morning. I was nervous, dreamed all night about different people I would see, what would go wrong, etc. Everything went great.
We got a great parking spot, getting through some of the course before they blocked off the roads, headed up and waited for a while. The weather was perfect - 55 at starting time. There was between 9-10k people.
All of us were jabbering and all of a sudden it got real quiet. Everyone started turning toward the stadium and heard the Star Spangled Banner being sung. Amazing how so many people complain about America, but they were still quiet when that song is sung - and clapped.
Sarah and I finally got to the starting line and crossed at about 8.07 and change. We ran about the first 8 minutes, then started out intervals. The first mile marker was great to see and spurred us on.
I have 2 Brooklyn Tab songs on my playlist that are about 5 minutes each - we pushed it and ran both of those. Finally the 2nd mile showed up - and we were so stoked about our time - about 23 for 2 miles - amazing. The last 1.1 was hard, slight incline, tired, getting much warmer (temperature and sweating) - but we pushed it.
We both finished a little under 39 we think. The exact time hasn't been posted yet to the website - so we are waiting. But, I still had music on my playlist and it is in the 39 minute range.
Racing is very addicting. I would love to go run another one. My next one is the Half Derby on April 25. The mini-marathon - 13.1 miles. I got new running shoes today - white and pink - to start training!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Good Housekeeping "Make Over Your Diet"

Right now I am working in the housing office, t-14 hours from my first 5k - the Anthem here in Louisville - the beginning race of the Triple Crown. I'll only be able to do 2 legs of the Triple crown this year because I'll be in B'ham for the Papa Johns 10 Miler.
Today I got to flip through some magazines my Mom brought up and I thought I would comment on this list found in a Good Housekeeping one.
Its called "Make Over Your Diet".
1. Transform breakfast. People always say eat breakfast. I have always been a breakfast eater. In K-12 it was usually Life cereal or Wheaties. My senior year it was a bowl of cereal and a 20 oz Mountain Dew from the Circle K down the street. College it was a bagel and a doughnut - no wonder I put on 20 lbs my freshman year. Post college it was a banana - not eating enough but losing weight. Then it got to be cereal again, this time Kashi, mini wheats, O's, something at least healthy with skim milk. I've experiemented with different things. Now, I eat a whole grain bagel (240 cal, 1 fat, 5 protein, 7 fiber) or something like that with natural peanut butter on it - and sometimes skim milk. Very tasty. And filling. The protein and grain carbs and fat from the peanut butter keep me full till lunch - although I usually snag a banana mid-morning. Eat breakfast. Find something that will keep you full. My Mom eats very little for breakfast and my Dad usually has a bowl of oatmeal.
2. Go for an oil change. The last time I had my oil changed at Wal-mart - it was 30$. Back in high school and college it was 15$. Good gracious! But, even with walmarts rising prices, I have to almost buy a more expensive oil for it to better for me. I have many oils in my house at the moment. I have vegetable oil - only for frying my chicken wings that I have a couple of times a year. I have canola oil - for baking mostly and homemade popcorn. I have EVOO for everything else. I have some specialty oils in my fridge especially for Asian cooking. Healthy fats can be found in olive oil and walnut oil - but they just may not be as inexpensive as generic vegetable oil.
3. Nibble a few nuts. I really do love nuts. I was down in Alabama this weekend and my cousin had a bag of fresh shelled pecans (I pronounce it puhkahns). They were so yummy - fresh is much better than frozen! I had some in my oatmeal. She gave me the whole bag - what a great gift. I have a bag of natural almonds in my car that I have in case I get hungry when traveling - or right after church when I know it will be a while till I eat lunch. They curb my appetite and are a great source of protein and other nutrients and healthy fats.
4. Add a fruit or vegetable to each meal. I am so excited that it is spring. I love fresh vegetables. My favorite fruit/veggie market reopens next Saturday and I have already made plans to go. They are cheaper and fresher than any grocery store around. There is also a neighborhood market that opens in May just down the street. Organic and local growers - its packed every Saturday. There is a huge family farm in Southern Indiana where I will go with a friend many times this summer and fall to get in on their goods.
5. Once this week - try fish. I love fish - I just don't try it once a week. I'm just lazy. I want fresh fish - because I am from FL. I want good fish - I don't want it fried and rubbery all the time. I love seared ahi tuna, sushi, shrimp (as long as it is not overcooked), salmon, canned tuna, etc. Mahi mahi is amazing, I love alligator tail. Fish is excellent for you for so many reasons.

So - this list is all about choices and little baby steps. Losing weight - I have found - is about choices and making wise ones most of the time. I won't say all the time because never having 2 thin mints when you aren't even hungry is that a good wise thing. But, I am not perfect. But, I don't make that a habit - because I want to continue to feel good about myself, fit into my small clothes and therefore expand my wardrobe, be able to run farther and faster, hold my pilates plank and side planks, and treat my body with the respect that God wants me to as He made it to glorify Himself.
What wise food or diet choices are you making this week (whether you need to lose weight or not)?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Partner Training and Pushing Yourself

I didn't know how I would like having a partner to run with. But, Sarah (my partner for the Antherm 5k and the Derby Half) and I finally got together to run the other day at Seneca.
I was late, but she was planning on running much farther than I was that day anyway.
So...she walks faster than me, and more than me. I run more than she does. We encourage each other along the way.
I got a text after I got home - I get to set the pace for the 5k. Go her! :) She kicked my butt in walking fast though. I like to run more, catch little breaks by walking slower - then running again. Maybe we'll both beat our time next weekend.
Hopefully I'll get a run in this weekend in AL. My brother runs so much faster than I do though - a 10 minute mile compared to a 13 minute mall. Maybe it will be a good push for me!
Can't wait - 1 week till my first 5k - the Anthem here in the ville. Supposed to be high 40s, low 50s rainy - but at least no snow and it will be out of the teens!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Snow in Indy for Polar Bear

Well, I said all along that I would run in whatever temperature in Indy this weekend, but no precipitation. Its just not worth it.
Well, tomorrow in Indy it will be 32, windy, and snowing - ALL morning! So, I do not get to run my first 5k. But, no fear. Training will still happen, got the playlist all set, and now the race is the Anthem 5k in Louisville in 2 weeks. So excited!
Instead, I'll do a medium run on Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

One week out to Indy

One week out!
This time next week I'll be done with my first 5k. I've checked the weather for Indianapolis and it is going to be cold, but should be in the 20s at race time. I'll just bundle up!
This week I've already run 3.6, .9, 2.0. So, today I'm going to do hopefully 10.0 and then tomorrow take a day off. I've also done a cardio class and some weight training. Yesterday, during my two miles, I finally did one time around the retention pond running. I remember going around the pond with a friend last fall and not being able to get even 1/4 of the way around it running - so improvement is always good to see.
Only lost .4 lbs though in the last two weeks - so that is kind of discouraging. But, press on - right?
Any thoughts on how to lose weight while running? I've still got at least 14 to go!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Long Run in the Park

I had my first long run this weekend. I felt like I accomplished so much more and the time went by quicker than if I just were walking it. I have walked for 1.35 hours before - but this time it didn't seem so long and drawn out.
I interval run - not straight run. It is slightly easier on the body and rumor has it you burn more calories by bursts of speed and recovery.
I did 7.1 miles this weekend, up hills, through parks, over ice, etc. I wish I could have a closed course outside (but I guess that is what races are for). I hated having to deal with cars when the sides of road were still cluttered with debree and ice from the previous storms.
Some things:
1. Stretch
2. Have good music - high tempo
3. Pick up your feet and just start running
4. Buy a good pedometer. The one I bought at Wal-Mart didn't work. Said I had only run 3.4 miles. But, I knew my legs were telling me I had gone more. So, I drove the same route right after I got done - it was 7.1 Glad I just wasn't going crazy or imagining things.

Frist 5k, weather permitting, is in less than 2 weeks! My goal is under 40. Today is a timed run.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Anthem 5k - Louisville

Just signed up for my second race. This time I definitely get to do it with a friend - and anyone else who wants to sign up - go for it!
This is the first leg of the Triple Crown in Louisville - leading up to the Derby Marathon the end of April.
The Anthem 5k is dtown Louisville on March 7 - that will be a fun day - no matter the weather - and then ending the day by watching the second of the Tobacco Road series - Duke and Carolina - can't wait!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Steven Furtick on Push-Ups

I follow many blogs. My google reader is full. That is how I like to keep in touch with everyone.
There is a pastor of a church in Charlotte, NC. Steven Furtick. Elevate Church. He wrote a blog on fitness today, but it could be applied to so many things. I am applying it to fitness.
One of the best pieces of advice I've gotten about running and losing weight - Just run (or just eat right, just stick with it, etc). Just run.
This piece of advice: Commit to one push up. Here is the rest of it:

I got an interesting piece of exercise advice one time-never forgot it.This guy (who was in great shape) said the only exercise commitment he ever made was to do one push-up per day-every single day.Not to run 5 miles a day, complete four 90 minute workouts per week…Just one push-up per day.
When I asked him (skeptically) what the value of one push-up was, he explained:“Well, one push-up isn’t going to do much for you, that’s for sure. But once you get down to do one, you usually end up doing 30, 40, or 50. And then you figure, hey, while I’m down here, may as well do some sit-ups too. Before you know it, you’ve had a pretty good workout. And it all started with one push-up.”
I wonder how you could apply this strategy to some of the things you hate to do, but know you need to do? Just get started, and often the rest will happen from there. Getting started is the hardest part.
Confucius said a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.Something to think about…

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow Days: Running Outdoors/Indoors

Well, I guarantee if I lived in FL I would not have to title this blog the way I did. In my lifetime, there has only been one time it snowed in Lakeland - that was when I was a couple weeks old. I wasn't in it.
I like snow - but not when it is mixed with ice, people don't know how to drive in it, trees aren't prepared for it so the power goes out, etc.
This week I've only been able to run once - that was Monday. I've done some core work and planks and stretches inside the remainder of the week. The Rec Center where I work and live was out of commission because of power loss. The streets to even get to the street were covered mostly in ice. The park I usually run in you couldn't see the path due to the snow.
Yesterday - I drove by - and there was a path. Today, its supposed to be in the mid-40s. So, I'm so excited to report that I get to go running today! :) When did I ever think I would be excited to go running - hmm? But, I have missed it this week. Can tell a difference in my body and mind. Running is so good for you - and stretching is too - but more on that later!
So, have you run lately? What do you do if you can't go outside because of the weather and you don't have a membership to a gym (or your gym is even closed)?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guest Blogger: Rebecca Horton: Whole Foods

Rebecca is a UNC grad who I had the privilege of getting to know during my time at the Summit. I didn't know her through the college ministry. I got to know her because she plugged in to others areas within the church and served. We worked in the children's ministry together - mainly during the child care times for other events.
Rebecca has a passion for many things - and she is a great writer about them. She now lives in DC (in my top 3 fave cities). So, I read her blog this morning over at Passionately Alive and thought I would "borrow" it - giving her full credit and a shout out! The reason I posted this here is the healthy benefit of whole foods. Eating vegetables, grains, non-processed (mostly chemicals and sodium) is so delicious and more beneficial. It provides you with much energy to be more active. The vitamins in most whole foods far outweigh its counterpart processed food - and therefore you are less sick and have more energy.
Rebecca - thank you for this information. Hope you are doing well. Miss ya girl!

So, i've been pondering significantly about my own values in addition to the principles which make a company "good/effective" as I approach the many ideas swimming in my head. Tonight, in the midst of trying to get into a Jane Jacobs book (i'm going to be honest her books are less compelling-writing style wise-than I anticipated) and make sense of this crazy calling i'm feeling on my heart with increasing strength, eating dinner at a table at Whole Foods I noticed their "Core Values" posted on the wall. Several of them really struck me and I think they're worth posting.
There are many reasons why I love Whole Foods, although admittedly it doesn't quite compare to my favorite Chapel Hill Co-Op, Weaver Street Market. (Side note, I love Weaver Street Market and the restaurant in there too.) And reading these values just cements my reasons for liking it all the more. Whole Foods started as a grocery option when I went on a fair trade/organic everything craze in college (a much harder quest than one might anticipate). Since then, i've become a frequent visitor. They have such a unique variety of foods, including certain local ingredients I was never able to find previously, and their store design is really invigorating. Additionally, I've never been to a place where the employees seemed so cheery, and excited to be at work-this is saying a LOT, I used to work in retail and it often sucks, straight up-, and their hot/cold food bar, while overpriced is really tasty. Not everything is perfect there, I do have some complaints and frustrations-especially about the overpriced items-but I like a lot of what this grocery chain stands for and works to live out day to day.So here are their values:
Selling the Highest Quality Natural and Organic Products Available
Satisfying and Delighting Our Customers
Supporting Team Member Happiness and Excellence
Creating Wealth Through Profits & Growth
Caring about our Communities & Our Environment
Creating ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers.
Numbers 1, 3, and 5 are especially intriguing...I'm interested in drilling down a bit more and exploring their business model in further depth. I'll let 'ya know when I find out more.

I hope these links and this write-up inspires you to visit your local co-op and eat more naturally and healthily for your body!