Monday, March 9, 2009

Goals...How to Set Them

On December 30, 2008 I decided I needed a goal for physical activity in 2009. Mine was to run a 5k. Great, I did that. It was so much fun. I had a blast, it was invigorating, I finished it under my time of 40 minutes (finished at 39 flat).
Now - what are my next goals?
This run a mile without stopping. The farthest I've done is 5/6 of a mile. I'm not going to die if I run the last 2 laps around the gym. Then hopefully if the weather is nice to run 12.2 this weekend either Sat or Sunday - whichever day the weather is nicer.
April 25 - Derby Half Marathon - I just want to finish it under 3 hours. I would also like to be at my Pre-FL/Leaving NC weight - that means I have 4 lbs to go!
May 9 - I just found out about the ThrootheZoo 5k. I've never been to the Ville Zoo - I've heard its great. You get to run through the Zoo then stay for the zoo itself. That will be a fun thing to do. And I would have to finish that one under 39 minutes. Every 5k now has to be faster.
June 13 - there is a Hubers Park Race - that would be a lot of fun too - especially if I'm going to be up there anyway picking summer fruits!
July 4 - Don't know if I'm going to do the Bluegrass 10 miler or run one in IN with a friend. I don't know if I can make my goal weight by then - but I can push for it - from right now it would be 11 lbs.

So, those are my goals. Hopefully the weather this weekend will be nice

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