Thursday, March 26, 2009

Made my 1 mile goal!

I made it!
Yesterday, I told myself I was going to run a mile - without stopping. I have never done that in my whole life - ever!
So, I started in Cherokee with a warm up of .2 miles, then walked .4, then ran some, walked some. Got to the crest of a hill by the bball courts and started running - knew it would have be a long time. I kept going with fast songs on the ipod.
I finally had to stop. I could see the turn off point to go back to my car, but I just needed to stop.
Got back to my car and drove the Cherokee Scenic loop. I noticed what I ran was exactly 1 mile. it was so exciting!
I just wanted to speed home to get my cell phone and change my fb status!
Next time there I must finish it (from the point I started running). I can do it. Next week I need to get in some Seneca time (its a shorter loop) b/c I'm housesitting and will be able to take the dog for a walk in the evening.
Tonight is cardio class...

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