Thursday, April 2, 2009

Goals and Changes

Sometimes I get clearly ahead of myself and don't think things through. Oh, well. But, there is always grace.
I had planned on doing the Sprint Tri in Chapel Hill in August. I was fine with the 50$ entry fee, but then I would have buy a helmet, a good suit to swim in, make sure my bike is in good biking order.
So, I just don't think it is going to happen - just financially not a good decision right now.
So, here is what is coming up:
Mini-derby (3 weeks out)
Throo the Zoo - 5 weeks out
Hubers (maybe) - June
Lexington Bluegrass 10k - July 4
Louisville Marathon is a possibility in October.

Training: I do get my bike next wknd, so that will fun to take and do something besides running. Pilates is still going great. I love the toning work. I do a cardio class usually once a week - and that is a great sweat producer. I'm running this week about 1.2 a day - just because of time constraints. I hope to get in a long one this Saturday before the bball games begin.
Eating: This week I've eaten many more vegetables and I'm definitely noticing a drop in weight. That is very good. The scale was below 170 - I love hitting those 10 lbs marks! So, I just gotta keep at it!

Anyway - those are just little things...

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