Monday, April 6, 2009


There are days when I am extra motivated. There are days when I need more motivation than ever.
One of those days was yesterday - yes, when both happened.
I was the lowest on the scale that I've been (168.8) in 2 years. I wore a belt to church and was complimented on it. I ate too much healthy food because I didn't have very much protein all day - and that's what keeps me full. It was my day off for exercising, so I didn't do anything. And I read Runners World - which always is a great motivator!
So...thought I would put down some motivations that work for me. What are yours to eat healthy, lose weight, exercise?
1. My body is not my own - I am bought with a price. Overeating is a sin - and I want to please Jesus. This is underlying, but definitely not the first one I think about all the time.
2. My clothes fit better. I love being able to make almost anything out of my closet and have it fit - unlike a year ago when I had 5 outfits.
3. Compliments from others.
4. Runners World - always motivates me to keep running.
5. Harder moves, longer holds in pilates - keeps me coming back.
6. Races - this is why I sign up for them because I need something more than just my own self running to keep me aiming toward something.
7. Great vegetables always make me want to keep eating healthy.
8. I am less at risk for certain health issues now that I have lost 40 lbs - but still want to lose another 20-25.
9. ANTM - Watching that show motivates me as well. The heaviest winner (from last season), Whitney, is 5'9" and 159. So, I figure to look as good as her, I have to be 148 because I'm shorter.
10. The scale. But, I know this isn't the best motivator because I am a woman and it fluctuates.

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  1. that happy feeling right after you top a hill is always a motivator for me:)