Thursday, April 22, 2010

Catching up in Raleigh

Alright - we'll I've been in Raleigh almost a month now - not quite - but I wanted to give an update.
This month has been hard. I eat out a lot, I am busy so I don't have as much time to exercise, and I'm just not pleasing my Lord as much in the area of food and taking care of my body. I've been tired and my back has been hurting more (probably because I'm not exercising as much so my abs are getting weak). Living with a roommate has in some ways been different than I thought in the area of food - eating with people is more of a detriment to my diet than eating alone. Trying to make wise but cheap decisions when eating out but also not getting a salad every time is always a challenge. Like this week: all three burrito places in 3 days.
The weather has been great, but since my nights are getting busier I've not been getting home till late so I just pop in a Jillian video. Days off (like today) I'll do a lake a couple of times then walk it tonight with my roommate for our first roommate night (followed by 25 cent DQ). Best laid plans don't always work - but you can at least have a plan.
Last weekend I was supposed to the do Spring Saunter in Durham - but I was not prepared for it physically, spiritually, or mentally. I was probably most ready for it physically - but that doesnt' always help.
I need to keep working - I'm always a work in progress. I think the beginning of my weeks will be harder to have outdoor exercise, and the end of the week will be full of it. Kinda opposite the food intake. So, we shall see.

Friday, March 19, 2010

HopeforRDU Spring Saunter 10k

Heading back to the Triangle in just over a week.
I'm excited a friend told me about the "Spring Saunter 5/10k" coming up in April.
When I lived there prior to 2007, I attended the Summit Church. They are doing this race and all proceeds are going to the house they are building for Habitat for Humanity.
I am excited about continually making a difference, in just little ways, in my old/new community. The Triangle will be a different place with the gospel of Jesus!
I'm going to be hitting up the 10k. Who is in it with me?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cholesterol Check

YAY! What a great way to start a Monday! Plus, I got to sleep in! And had a delicious oats in a jar with blackberries morning! Life is grand.
The last time I had my cholesterol checked (and the first time) was May 4, 2009. I was pleased with the numbers, except for 1. My good cholesterol (HDL) was borderline low. I did everything they told me to do, I didn't know why it was so low. And I am not the type to want to have to go on medication to raise it. So, good thing my other numbers were good. But, I strived this year to make that number go up! :)

Here is my results - with the key findings:

May 4, 2010
Weight - approximately 166
Total Chol - 156
Glucose level after fasting - 69 (almost too low she said this morning)
HDL (good) - 40 (40 is the number that you are too low)
LDL (bad) - 97 (in the good range)

March 15, 2010
Weight - 151 (still too high, but 15 lbs less than last year)
TC - 152 (dropped 4)
Glucose - 81 - she said this was more of a normal number which means your body is still operating well after not eating in so long (I last ate at 640pm last night and my test was at 915am)
HDL - 48 - WOW! Thats a jump in 8 points! I love it. I guess that is what a less-processed, olive oil, avocados, nuts, greens, and grains diet will do for you - and losing 15 lbs and running! :)
LDL - 95 - this even dropped 2 points. I'll take it!

I am very pumped by these numbers. I just gotta keep up what I'm doing! :)
What good health signs have you seen in your life? How are you taking care of the inside of your body?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rain, Running, and Yoga

Well, today felt like winter again in the ville. I'm ready for steady and warm weather.
But, I woke up this morning, ate a breakfast good for a run, full of carbs. Got dressed, headed out - and it was raining.
So, I went shopping, good thing to do in the rain. Then it stopped raining and I was hanging out with a friend. So, by the time I got ready to go run, it was raining and the wind had picked up. Not my idea of a fun run when I haven't paid to do it.
So, I did Bob's Weight Loss yoga. I haven't done it in about a month. WOW! I could tell a difference in my arm strength doing planks, and my balance going straight into a downward facing dog, loved the upward facing dog, and thankfully his dvd has no tree poses because I probably would have fallen over! I love tree poses - must do more of those.
I am looking forward to having wireless internet at home again in about 17 days. My computer will have Yoga Download on it most mornings - to work on strength, flexibility, core balance, inches, weight loss, stamina, and give me a chance to get up in the morning, meditate on some Scripture while doing it.
What do you do in the morning to wake you up and get you going for the day?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Half Marathon - Downhill at Dawn

This is so pretty - I can't pass it up.
Ridgecrest is one of the prettier places in NC. It is so quiet and it will be great to run on. I'm looking forward to the challenge of the hills and different terrains. Also, good training will come on Lake Lynn and Umstead in Raleigh.
And - that means I'll pay less than 100$ for both of my halfs this year. That is definitely a great bonus - and both of them are on Saturdays!
Anyone in TN or NC or SC or VA wanna do it with me? I'd love a running buddy? Or KY - wanna make the drive?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Turkey Trot Half Marathon - Thanksgiving Day

Why are so many of the races on Sundays?
This does me no good. So...
I won't be doing the Half at Virginia Beach over Labor Day because its on Sunday. I won't be doing the Raleigh City of Oaks Half in November because its on a Sunday.
So...when is the next race I will run (at least big one) at this moment - the Lake Norman Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day - that's right. I'm going to run - then eat! :)
Looking forward to it - and a good cause. If you are in the NC area - I would love a training buddy for this - and if you wanna give up your Thanksgiving Day morning (of watching the parade) - come run it with me!
Update: I've talked my parents into coming and having Thanksgiving in Raleigh - so hopefully, I can talk to my Dad and he can run one of the smaller races...

Anthem 5k

There are many things I would love to say about this race:
1. It was cold. I had 4 layers on top on. Then knee length running capris - very comfortable Nike! And fingertip-less gloves. I couldn't feel my thumbs about halfway through mile 1. Then you just press on. It was a good amount - I didn't feel bulky and I didn't get too hot. It was about 32 degrees, though sunny and windless. That was a blessing!
2. Run with friends! I had my friend Sarah and then her two friends. Sarah kept up with her friend for about the first mile, but then her other friend stayed with me the whole time and we pushed each other.
3. Again, didn't run with an iPod. I think I run better when concentrating on running and not on the music. And I can talk to people and be more aware of my surroundings.
4. New Shoes. All last week my left ankle was killing me. On Wednesday I couldn't even put my food straight - it would only go sideways. With tennis shoes on. My old running shoes have bit the dust. I went to Kohls on Friday night after picking up my bib and shirt at Louisville Slugger Field and bought new Nike socks and shoes. They were so comfortable! I walked around in them at dinner and really felt like I owned them forever!
5. Train. I hadn't trained at all for this race. Ok - 3 runs earlier in the week, but not like I should have. I had hopes and plans for the first 2 months of the year, but the weather in the Ville got the best of those. I don't know what would happen if I actually trained for a race now and if I actually pushed myself!
6. Time: 36.03 - I was only 14 seconds off my PR. I am quite happy with that given the above circumstances.

Now, onto the next one. I may do a smaller one but the next one I am doing is the Virginia Beach Rock N Roll Half over Labor Day. I need to get signed up for that!
Go Run!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Running and P90X

Yeah - bring on March 1.
That means, typically, there is warmer weather out there. And, I have missed running because of a couple reasons:
1. I hate running inside (track or treadmill).
2. I hate running when its below 40 degrees.

Last night, by the time I had the chance to run, I had to run inside on the track. The past few months this has been almost impossible because my gym keeps the track at about 90 degrees so you can't breathe. So, I would do interval hills on the treadmill. Last night, the heat/air was back to normal. It felt so good to run 2 miles. I didn't lose much on my time, but I could feel a difference in my right ham and in my left ankle. I've been having knee issues - but amazingly not when I run. So that was a good thing.
I'm running tonight on the track again (just a time thing) and then tomorrow night I'll run out at Seneca. I'm gearing back up for the Anthem 5k on Saturday.
But, I've missed the energy running gives me and the weight loss/shaping ability that running has. Definitely will be doing that. I love the parks here in Louisville, and I am looking forward to Shelley, Johnson, and Lynn Lakes in Raleigh and also Umstead State Park. They will be good preparers for the Half I'm doing over Labor Day wknd. Hopefully some running buddies in Raleigh too. (But I'll def miss my running buddies here in the Ville).
Ok - now for P90X. I've heard and read so many blogs about how absolutely wonderful this is. And for some yes. This is the first time I've heard some negative reports of it.
You can read about it here. Basically - its a lot of money. But, if you can borrow someone's to test before you purchase it, that might be a wise move.
Ok - go exercise people - its spring - that means its one more month closer to bathing suit season - yikes! :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

I can either be...

Fat again or Fit 4 Life.
I do great during the week and I've done well - doing yoga, exercising, etc. Friday wasn't good. Most Fridays aren't - but that doesn't mean it can slip into the rest of the wknd.
I have to make choice:
1. Be obedient and be fit and healthy with my body working the way God has designed for my body to work.
2. Enjoy oreos, too many baked lays, sugar cookies, hot chocolate just to mindlessly eat, give up on running to quick because of little things that aren't going perfectly.
I want to:
1. Feel great
2. Be great
3. Look great - love those size 6 jeans!
4. Don't want sagging skin
5. Invest in others
6. Be there for ministry later in life - and be healthy to do a great job at it.

God has given us a body that was created to be productive and glorify him.
Drinking unsweet tea right now - and doing pilates when I get off work at 930 tonight.
Tomorrow: work, vegetarian tea lunch, run out at a park (in the cold, am I crazy, push through), cooking legumes (I always feel fancy when I say that word in my head), babysitting for a dear family.
Sunday will run in the morning or do yoga before church (it might be snowing outside, so I may stick with the yoga).
Monday is a pilates class! :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Too much eating! Need Motivation!

Ok - so I've been eating way too much this week...
1. Changes at work bring stress
2. Hormones
3. Sweets at work
4. Just not motivated

I need to snap back in to it! I need to challenge myself for the next 2 months. I need some attainable goals.
Can you as readers help? Thank you. I set my February goals - but how do I actually attain them now?! The scales has to go the other way!
Need some motivation! HELP!

Monday, February 1, 2010

February Goals

I like making mini-goals! It helps in losing weight, in cleaning your home, or cooking a large meals. You have to break things down - instead of looking at the long term.
So, what am I going to do in February that will make more more healthy:
1. If it is up to me, eat salads for dinner. This gets me a lot of green in and doesn't weigh me down at night. Now, there are times when I'll have dinner with others - but then I can just eat sensibly - or if going out, I can have a salad. I know of one exception - Sonny's with Sloan.
2. Start back training for a 5k. That means running more intentionally. Started week 5 of Couch to 5k again today. Got most of it done - but a sweet friend I hadn't seen in a while was there so I stopped and talked to her then ran out of time. My first 5k of 2010 is the first wknd of March. Bring on the Anthem!
3. Continue with yoga or Bob's boot camp. The first 3 weeks of the month will be dedicated to our friend Bob Harper. He makes me work. My quads and hams and inner/outer thighs actually hurt right now between the 2 DVDs and running.
4. Feb 24 - bring on round 2 of Jillian's 30 Day Shred. That will have me 30 days out of last day of my current job - so I want to look stellar. I really feel like I toned up and looked sleeker the last time I did it (before the holidays set in), so I want to do it again.

New things:
1. Taking a semi-private yoga lesson with a friend this weekend. I am very excited about that!
2. Hiking both Berea pinnacles later this month with Sloan. I've done it once before, but I'm doing it with Sloan this time.
3. Antibiotics. Taking augmenten right now for a sinus infection from last week. It is helping, but is sometimes not sitting well with my stomach and is making me thirsty - so I'm drinking tons of fluids!

How are you sticking with your NYRs? How are you keeping motivated in the cold month of February? What are your mini-goals? What new things are you trying this month?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Crud and Weight

Well, folks, over a week later and I still have crud. That's about how I describe it and how I feel. Life must go on though. I am going to the clinic on campus today after speaking with my friend, the nurse, this morning.
I've been doing yoga all week in my house. That has been good. 2 days I only did 20 minutes, 2 days I did the whole 45. Feel much stronger and lean after doing a full yoga session!
And...I have finally lost all the holiday and birthday weight! Now, I can concentrate on losing the last 5-10% I have to go!
Keep up all the New Year's resolutions everyone!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Workouts while sick?

I am sick. I hate being sick. The whole body hurts, sore throats, ears. Life must go on right?

So, I had finally gotten back into a track interval/yoga workouts and then this. But, it just hurts to do anything - mainly keeping my head up!

So, what do you do when you are feeling sick?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Interval Incline Treadmill Workout

Are you one of those people who despise the treadmill like me? Are you looking for new ways to put your coat hanger (you know, that at-home treadmill) to use? Are you wanting to improve your leg strength? Are you wanting to change up your routine? Did it snow outside this week at your house (or just is too cold) so you can't run outside?
If any of these questions you can answer yes to, then this blog post is for you.
It snowed here 4 inches yesterday, the indoor track at the gym is about 85 degrees (can't run in that), and I hate treadmills. This is why I love reading other peoples' blogs!
CarrotsNCake posted a 24- minute treadmill workout on her blog yesterday, just as I was getting off my second job, so I jotted it down and it helped me plow through a treadmill workout. I lengthened it and made it my own at either end - but this is a great one:

Minutes Speed Incline
2 3.0 (warmup) 0
3 4.9 0
3 4.7 1
3 4.5 1.5
3 4.3 2
3 4.2 2.5
3 4.1 3
3 4.0 3.5
3 3.9 4.0
3 3.8 4.5
1 3.5 (cool down) 2.0

The reason this is great:
gets your heart rate up and keeps it there
kills your legs (shins, calves, quads, and hammies) - and your butt
doesn't make 30 minutes on the treadmill boring
just over 2 miles

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Goals

People have asked me how I can keep up with 3 blogs. I would love to make one website with all of them like hers, but blogger is free and i will do this for the time being. Maybe I can work on investigating hosting my own website this year?
This has been a great year. I've done a lot of things. I ran my first 5k in March of 2009. I also ran more 5k, a 10k, a half marathon. I biked, swam, ran, walked, did a lot of yoga, jillian's 30 day shred, bob's yoga for weight loss, and many other things. I am pleased with how 2009 ended - being my lowest weight and losing the most weight that I remember. But, that doesn't mean i can stop...I must keep going. Here are my 2010 goals for the health issues in my life:
1. Run 2 5ks. I will run one of them in Louisville in March. I want to beat my 35.49 time of my last 5k this past Thanksgiving. I will choose one more to run. Why aren't I running more? That comes into money - see my goal on my Thoughts blog for more on that.
2. I want to run 2 Half Marathons. I really liked the half I ran last year in Louisville and it was quite challenging. I am thinking about these three (choosing 2 of them): Downhill at Dawn in June at Ridgecrest, VA Beach Half in September, and the Raleigh City of Oaks Half in November. Any training partner out there? Anyone wanna run one or both of them with me?
3. Keep researching. I love reading about health and nutrition. I want to post one thing a week about something I've read - whether in a magazine or a book or on a blog. This will keep me learning.
4. I want to lose another 5-10%. Most people don't think I need to lose more, but I see myself naked (TMI) and I know I need to lose some more. And then maintain that forever!
5. Yoga/Pilates. This will help with stretching and being more flexible. Some folks have a problem with me doing yoga as a Believer. But, i see no problem with it. God made our bodies. When I am doing programs that call for "listening to your bodies" I quote Scripture or pray. I did a 20 minute session this morning and definitely felt stronger and better after it. I want to start my days doing this - to help wake up! My goal is to do 5 sessions a week. Any cool downloads out there that are free - I did yoga download dot com this morning and that was pretty good.
6. Toning. I love being stronger - and my jeans and skirts fit better. I want to keep doing this. Whether it is doing Jillian more, or bootcamp, or hitting the gym some at the beginning of the year, and I know running and yoga/pilates will help with that. I want stronger arms, core, and legs.

So, in three things: running, yoga/pilates, toning. Plain and simple. At least I can't gain, right! :)