Thursday, April 22, 2010

Catching up in Raleigh

Alright - we'll I've been in Raleigh almost a month now - not quite - but I wanted to give an update.
This month has been hard. I eat out a lot, I am busy so I don't have as much time to exercise, and I'm just not pleasing my Lord as much in the area of food and taking care of my body. I've been tired and my back has been hurting more (probably because I'm not exercising as much so my abs are getting weak). Living with a roommate has in some ways been different than I thought in the area of food - eating with people is more of a detriment to my diet than eating alone. Trying to make wise but cheap decisions when eating out but also not getting a salad every time is always a challenge. Like this week: all three burrito places in 3 days.
The weather has been great, but since my nights are getting busier I've not been getting home till late so I just pop in a Jillian video. Days off (like today) I'll do a lake a couple of times then walk it tonight with my roommate for our first roommate night (followed by 25 cent DQ). Best laid plans don't always work - but you can at least have a plan.
Last weekend I was supposed to the do Spring Saunter in Durham - but I was not prepared for it physically, spiritually, or mentally. I was probably most ready for it physically - but that doesnt' always help.
I need to keep working - I'm always a work in progress. I think the beginning of my weeks will be harder to have outdoor exercise, and the end of the week will be full of it. Kinda opposite the food intake. So, we shall see.


  1. EVerything is gonna be alright :)

    Happy New Year!

    Sadie A. O.
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  2. everything is gonna be alright honey.. don't worry about it.. too much thinking sometimes will not help.. just go for it.. have fun..

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