Monday, March 15, 2010

Cholesterol Check

YAY! What a great way to start a Monday! Plus, I got to sleep in! And had a delicious oats in a jar with blackberries morning! Life is grand.
The last time I had my cholesterol checked (and the first time) was May 4, 2009. I was pleased with the numbers, except for 1. My good cholesterol (HDL) was borderline low. I did everything they told me to do, I didn't know why it was so low. And I am not the type to want to have to go on medication to raise it. So, good thing my other numbers were good. But, I strived this year to make that number go up! :)

Here is my results - with the key findings:

May 4, 2010
Weight - approximately 166
Total Chol - 156
Glucose level after fasting - 69 (almost too low she said this morning)
HDL (good) - 40 (40 is the number that you are too low)
LDL (bad) - 97 (in the good range)

March 15, 2010
Weight - 151 (still too high, but 15 lbs less than last year)
TC - 152 (dropped 4)
Glucose - 81 - she said this was more of a normal number which means your body is still operating well after not eating in so long (I last ate at 640pm last night and my test was at 915am)
HDL - 48 - WOW! Thats a jump in 8 points! I love it. I guess that is what a less-processed, olive oil, avocados, nuts, greens, and grains diet will do for you - and losing 15 lbs and running! :)
LDL - 95 - this even dropped 2 points. I'll take it!

I am very pumped by these numbers. I just gotta keep up what I'm doing! :)
What good health signs have you seen in your life? How are you taking care of the inside of your body?

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  1. Yea...your body is functioning superbly. I need to eat more nuts and greens. Love my collards and mustard greens.