Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Help! Spring is Here!

Ah, spring - how I love thee. Longer hours to exercise outside, dark mornings (don't know how productive those are, but I like lighter evenings), fresh fruits, more produce stands, green veggies, budding flowers, travel.
All that to seems like I've been snacking. In the winter I can easily dish out soups and chilis that are healthy and filling. But, cooking for one in the spring and summer and not eating salads every day is a bit challenging. So my weight is stagnant even with all this exercising because I'm more tempted to nibble.
I need some ideas for healthy eating for one, or just what to do to jump start the weight loss again!

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  1. I enjoy eating more "snacky" meals like sliced apples and peanut butter with some almonds for lunch during this time of year and to help eat less/"diet"..although I don't like the word diet. Or a small bit of soup or leftovers and then having some nuts or some fruit in the afternoon instead of the other tempting munchies. I've been wanting to mix up my own trail mix with some Kashi cereal, almonds, craisins, etc. for snacks @ work too. Seems like a good idea!