Friday, March 6, 2009

Good Housekeeping "Make Over Your Diet"

Right now I am working in the housing office, t-14 hours from my first 5k - the Anthem here in Louisville - the beginning race of the Triple Crown. I'll only be able to do 2 legs of the Triple crown this year because I'll be in B'ham for the Papa Johns 10 Miler.
Today I got to flip through some magazines my Mom brought up and I thought I would comment on this list found in a Good Housekeeping one.
Its called "Make Over Your Diet".
1. Transform breakfast. People always say eat breakfast. I have always been a breakfast eater. In K-12 it was usually Life cereal or Wheaties. My senior year it was a bowl of cereal and a 20 oz Mountain Dew from the Circle K down the street. College it was a bagel and a doughnut - no wonder I put on 20 lbs my freshman year. Post college it was a banana - not eating enough but losing weight. Then it got to be cereal again, this time Kashi, mini wheats, O's, something at least healthy with skim milk. I've experiemented with different things. Now, I eat a whole grain bagel (240 cal, 1 fat, 5 protein, 7 fiber) or something like that with natural peanut butter on it - and sometimes skim milk. Very tasty. And filling. The protein and grain carbs and fat from the peanut butter keep me full till lunch - although I usually snag a banana mid-morning. Eat breakfast. Find something that will keep you full. My Mom eats very little for breakfast and my Dad usually has a bowl of oatmeal.
2. Go for an oil change. The last time I had my oil changed at Wal-mart - it was 30$. Back in high school and college it was 15$. Good gracious! But, even with walmarts rising prices, I have to almost buy a more expensive oil for it to better for me. I have many oils in my house at the moment. I have vegetable oil - only for frying my chicken wings that I have a couple of times a year. I have canola oil - for baking mostly and homemade popcorn. I have EVOO for everything else. I have some specialty oils in my fridge especially for Asian cooking. Healthy fats can be found in olive oil and walnut oil - but they just may not be as inexpensive as generic vegetable oil.
3. Nibble a few nuts. I really do love nuts. I was down in Alabama this weekend and my cousin had a bag of fresh shelled pecans (I pronounce it puhkahns). They were so yummy - fresh is much better than frozen! I had some in my oatmeal. She gave me the whole bag - what a great gift. I have a bag of natural almonds in my car that I have in case I get hungry when traveling - or right after church when I know it will be a while till I eat lunch. They curb my appetite and are a great source of protein and other nutrients and healthy fats.
4. Add a fruit or vegetable to each meal. I am so excited that it is spring. I love fresh vegetables. My favorite fruit/veggie market reopens next Saturday and I have already made plans to go. They are cheaper and fresher than any grocery store around. There is also a neighborhood market that opens in May just down the street. Organic and local growers - its packed every Saturday. There is a huge family farm in Southern Indiana where I will go with a friend many times this summer and fall to get in on their goods.
5. Once this week - try fish. I love fish - I just don't try it once a week. I'm just lazy. I want fresh fish - because I am from FL. I want good fish - I don't want it fried and rubbery all the time. I love seared ahi tuna, sushi, shrimp (as long as it is not overcooked), salmon, canned tuna, etc. Mahi mahi is amazing, I love alligator tail. Fish is excellent for you for so many reasons.

So - this list is all about choices and little baby steps. Losing weight - I have found - is about choices and making wise ones most of the time. I won't say all the time because never having 2 thin mints when you aren't even hungry is that a good wise thing. But, I am not perfect. But, I don't make that a habit - because I want to continue to feel good about myself, fit into my small clothes and therefore expand my wardrobe, be able to run farther and faster, hold my pilates plank and side planks, and treat my body with the respect that God wants me to as He made it to glorify Himself.
What wise food or diet choices are you making this week (whether you need to lose weight or not)?

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