Saturday, March 7, 2009

My First 5k! New Personal Record

It's done! My first 5k. The Anthem was a blast this morning. I was nervous, dreamed all night about different people I would see, what would go wrong, etc. Everything went great.
We got a great parking spot, getting through some of the course before they blocked off the roads, headed up and waited for a while. The weather was perfect - 55 at starting time. There was between 9-10k people.
All of us were jabbering and all of a sudden it got real quiet. Everyone started turning toward the stadium and heard the Star Spangled Banner being sung. Amazing how so many people complain about America, but they were still quiet when that song is sung - and clapped.
Sarah and I finally got to the starting line and crossed at about 8.07 and change. We ran about the first 8 minutes, then started out intervals. The first mile marker was great to see and spurred us on.
I have 2 Brooklyn Tab songs on my playlist that are about 5 minutes each - we pushed it and ran both of those. Finally the 2nd mile showed up - and we were so stoked about our time - about 23 for 2 miles - amazing. The last 1.1 was hard, slight incline, tired, getting much warmer (temperature and sweating) - but we pushed it.
We both finished a little under 39 we think. The exact time hasn't been posted yet to the website - so we are waiting. But, I still had music on my playlist and it is in the 39 minute range.
Racing is very addicting. I would love to go run another one. My next one is the Half Derby on April 25. The mini-marathon - 13.1 miles. I got new running shoes today - white and pink - to start training!

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