Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Mind Game

I think to the movie A Beautiful Mind - love it. They are playing this game on the lawn, chess among other things. Those are mind games.
Running. Mind Game. Same sentence.
I've started training again. I started 2 weeks ago and remember texting my friend that I had finally ran 1.2 around a park here in town. Whoohooo. Did that for about a week.
Then, I started running around the campus I work at (about a mile). Did one lap, then ran 2 laps, then did 3 laps, then did 40 minutes w/o stopping. Ok - I can do this.
Two nights ago I went running with a friend and we did 2.7 w/o stopping. Last night, I wanted to at least make it to a 5k length, so I just did a little more - 3.1 w/o stopping! :) Whoohooo.
So, now I'm going to do that for a week or two, then start working picking up my pace.
Does any one have a good work workout schedule for a treadmill or something? I have two goals for the Thanksgiving Christina 5k race in Lakeland:
1. Run the entire thing.
2. Beat my time of 37.28

Running is definitely a mind game. As long as you tell yourself you can do it - you can do it. I don't think I really know another sport like it.
I'm also enjoying it. I like what running (or jogging) does for my legs - how it shapes them. I'm also finishing up Jillian's 30 Day Shred - on day 26 tonight. Still feeling the workout, but I'm glad its only 30 days because I have a feeling it would get boring.
So, for the month of November, I'll run in anticipation of the 5k and do kettlebells 3 days a week. Maybe some abs on the opposite kb days. oh, yeah - bring back the kettlebells! :)

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