Monday, June 15, 2009

Hubers 10k - UPDATED

I love a 10k! Hubers was a great place for it. This race was well-organized, great volunteers, cheerleaders around every bend it seemed like. Weather was overcast and foggy - so it was cool and didn't get warm till my last .3 miles.
I hadn't been training really because I had been housesitting, but I did pretty good. For 3.5 miles of I was talking to people instead of running, but that turned out well. I talked to Carol and Leah most of the way. Got to talk to them about life and church. I started off with Kari (whose husband took this picture) and stayed with her for the first 1.4 miles. Then she kept running (go Kari) and I took a walk break.
I did pretty well the last 2.5 miles. My first mile split was 11.04. I thought that was pretty good. Just wish I could keep that up.
My final time was 80.30 - and I was pleased with that because it beat my desired time of 82. We got these really cool tshirts made of the wicking material to keep us cool.
I will definitely be doing this race again next year. Now, I'm really going to start training for another 5k in OH in August - I want to run as much as possible!
UPDATE: I just saw the results from the race on the Pacers and Racers website. I did finish last in my age bracket but I also finished faster than I thought. The time they had 79.10 - I'll take it! That means it was a 13.15 10k/mile split. The second mile was definitely the worst!

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