Sunday, June 7, 2009

Berea 8k Trail Run

Berea was good to me. Sloan and I went to Berea (about 1.40 East of the ville), home of Berea College and Papaleno's (Italian goodness) for the first ever Get Healthy Berea 8k Trail Run. There were only about 50 people there for both the run and the walk.
The trail was the actual BC CC trail. We went around fields, through the woods, through creeks, on gravel, over stumps, etc. The gravel was the hardest thing to run on, and running with wet shoes isn't fun.
But, it gave my legs a workout! And, I wasn't last. A 55 year old lady finished about 10 minutes after me. Hey - I finished. 67 minutes for a 8k - that is about a 13.50 minute trail run. I'll take it.
Next week - I'll be thankful to be back on pavement!

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