Monday, May 4, 2009

Body Assessment

Today has come. Its great that I got everything on one day. Here are the results from my many tests today - most of which I am very pleased!
Cholesterol - total is 156 - very good. My good cholesterol is on the low borderline, so I need to raise that. I need to eat some healthy fats and more seafood (like my Dad does).
Blood sugar was 69 - anything lower than 70 is good. This is good news because diabetes runs in my Dad's side of the family.
Body fat % - 33%. This may seem really high and it is, but it is still in the normal range for women. I would like it to be around 22% so that is my goal. And my scale at home that says i measures body fat is WAY off! Don't believe it. Go get a caliper test - much more accurate!
BMI - 25.551 - so that is still a little high, need to get that down, but that will come off with weight too.
Waist - 30.5 - I was so excited about that! :) Man to think what it was!
Hips - 43 - yikes! I need to keep doing cardio and lunges! :) But, it was a good ratio.
My crunch fitness test was excellent and the return to normal after cardio heart rate was above average. My push up test was ok to poor, but my flexibility is where I really need to work! I need to do more stretching!
I tried on a 10 skirt yesterday and it was too big, a size 8 jeans which were just snug in the waist, and a size 6 dress which was a tad tight at the top. But, I'm heading in the right direction!
Another race is this weekend - 5k Throo the Zoo - many hills, but I am encouraged! I can do this!
Gotta keep going - right now, though, I gotta go eat lunch!

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