Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eden's Village 5k Run

Today, Aarica, Jaime and I went up to Pekin IN for a 5k Run with all proceeds going to an orphanage run by Christian missionaries in Zimbabwe, Africa. How cool - running and missions!

It was raining the whole trip. At about 5 till 8 the rain stopped. It was nice for the run. I haven't run at all since the Hubers 5k in June. I could tell it - especially getting up the first hill which was about the first 1/2 mile. Thank goodness for downhills!

J and A did great and passed me once they hit the turn around spot. There were about 80 runners in this race, so it wasn't huge. Most of them new each other.

I finished at 37.28 - which is 1 minute better than my last 5k time. I'll take it. My 2 mile split was 24.02, so that is a 12 minute mile each time. The last one was the hardest since a lot of it was uphill and it was getting warmer, and I was more tired. Gotta push harder in those last miles in any race. Then came the trophies - really we were just staying around to see if we had won any of the door prizes. We didn't. BUT

We all came in 3rd in our age brackets. Now, I don't know how many women 30-39 ran today - but I was happy to come in third! :)

So, my next race is in August at Kings Island in OH. Can't wait. And I'll start doing some more running. Gotta beat my time each time.

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