Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christina 5k = PR

Whoohoo! :)
The weather started out a little chilly this morning: 46 degrees when I left the house to head to the other end of town to start a 5k. The weather started to warm up and was maybe mid 50s by race time.
There were about 160 people running the 25th annual Christina 5k in South Lakeland. I saw some fmr school mates (soccer and cross country stars) from my time at Lakeland Christian. That was fun. They definitely still beat me.
I gotta keep running. I started out in the back and just minded my own business, noticing some people passing me, then I would pass them. No big deal. I like running with not many people around me.
First mile: 11.40
Second mile split: 23.20
I looked at my phone sometime in between there and thought I was on aim for about a 38 pace, I was a little bummed. Then, I could hear the cheers from way ahead and new the 3 mile marker had to be up there around the next bend.
When I could see the finish time clock, I got excited and sprinted the last to make it under 36 minutes.
My last PR was 37.38 I think. This time it was 35.49. I will take it. Next race (maybe the anthem in March, but may squeeze in another one) I want it under 36 minutes.
The LRC people were really nice and it was organized. There were no bibs - which is disappointing because I have a bib from each race. But, they had yummy FL oranges!


  1. Congrats, Kim! You did an awesome job! :)

  2. You did awesome! You will keep improving each time I am sure, just keep at it. I'm really looking forward to the Triple Crown next year but I'm going to try and do the Polar Bear Grand Prix (I think that's the name) which is a series of three shorter races, one in Dec., one in Jan. and one in Feb.