Monday, February 9, 2009

Long Run in the Park

I had my first long run this weekend. I felt like I accomplished so much more and the time went by quicker than if I just were walking it. I have walked for 1.35 hours before - but this time it didn't seem so long and drawn out.
I interval run - not straight run. It is slightly easier on the body and rumor has it you burn more calories by bursts of speed and recovery.
I did 7.1 miles this weekend, up hills, through parks, over ice, etc. I wish I could have a closed course outside (but I guess that is what races are for). I hated having to deal with cars when the sides of road were still cluttered with debree and ice from the previous storms.
Some things:
1. Stretch
2. Have good music - high tempo
3. Pick up your feet and just start running
4. Buy a good pedometer. The one I bought at Wal-Mart didn't work. Said I had only run 3.4 miles. But, I knew my legs were telling me I had gone more. So, I drove the same route right after I got done - it was 7.1 Glad I just wasn't going crazy or imagining things.

Frist 5k, weather permitting, is in less than 2 weeks! My goal is under 40. Today is a timed run.

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  1. It can be a bit complicated, but you can use google maps to track how far you've ran