Monday, January 26, 2009

2 Upcoming Races

This is my first year ever doing races. But, I have learned that I am a goal-oriented person in most everything I do. I want to do something, press toward a goal, head toward it, keep plowing ahead. So, here are two that I am doing
My first 5k (3.1 miles) is February 21, 2009 in Indianapolis, IN. There are two reasons I chose this one. It was the end of 9 weeks of training for me (since I started running New Years). Second, they had a really cool shirt in Carolina Blue! Ok - so I'm going to be wearing several layers, a hat, and gloves - but it will get done.
My first mini marathon is the end of April - the Derby Mini is going to be a challenge - but you know, I can do it! :) I'm going to have several friends doing it with me, so that will be great as well.
And, I want to be at my Weight Watchers goal weight by Memorial Day (the same day as Daniel and Courtney's wedding).
So - those are some of my goals. Are you goal oriented? How do you stay motivated?

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