Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Calorie Restriction and Raw Vegan: Good/Bad?

I love the Food Network. If I'm going to have the TV on and be doing something around the house - it is usually on channel 46 so I can listen to Tyler, Bobby, Giada - my faves.
The other night I watched a show that highlighted the pros/cons of two "lifestyle" diets that are seemingly quiet popular right now. Watching this show is really what got me started with the idea of this blog.
Two "diets":
Calorie Retriction Diet. While getting enough nutrients and stuff your body needs - eat a very limited amount of calories. The base of this - the reasoning - sounds pretty good. This means you just have to be wise about your calorie intake. You can't waste your "limited" calories on foods and drinks with no nutrients. Doesn't that sound fine? Yes. But, some people take things to extreme. Some people live by this and don't get enough nutrients and also some people don't take time to enjoy life (in moderation) on this diet - or this lifestyle.
Raw Vegan Diet. This one is/was popular with ultra-athletes or stars. Again, this one has great principles, but taken to the extreme - may not be the best for you. Basically - eat what is grown, in its natural form, how it was grown and made - and only that. So, no chicken (b/c you can't eat it raw), and you really aren't to eat eggs raw - so none of those either.
Here is my problem with these lifestyle diets. One - they are too restrictive. Food is not only meant for our nutrition, but also, I think for our enjoyment, fellowship, communion with other people. Most of our lives revolve around food. We love eating with other people, cooking for other people, eating at restaurants. Second - you are missing out on some equally nutritious things. Especially in the raw vegan diet. I see more negative about that one then I do in the CR diet.
What do you think? How do your monitor your foods and intake - with your outtake - exercise and calorie burning?

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