Monday, January 26, 2009

The Journey

So, why another blog. I have a life blog, a food blog, and now a healthy living blog.
1. This will keep me motivated. I have lost 34 and still have at least another 25 to go - and to keep off!
2. This will help me keep learning. This blog will have guest bloggers of people I know to talk about training, exercising, healthy eating, healthy body tips, etc. So, as you learn - I learn.
3. This will help you. I see so many people where I used to be (and can easily be again). I want to be more healthy and I want you to be healthier too!
So, if you ideas you want covered - let me know. Happy Living Healthy!


  1. i'd like to know more about the program you are using to train for the runs

  2. Kd,
    What you have accomplished with your health is nothing short of commendable. It is refreshing to meet people who are into exercise and healthy living just as I am. I recently started running. For years, I just did brisk walking and the elliptical and this year I was finally able to run! It is exhilarating! Maybe one day I can do a marathon. Feel free to contact me if you ever want to compare notes or anything. I am happy for you that you have come this far!